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How to change AirPod Pro tips

Getting a good seal is essential, so here's how to swap out the ear tips on your AirPods Pro.
October 21, 2022
The AirPods Pro 2 sitting outside their case on a wooden surface.
Zak Khan / Android Authority

Your AirPods Pro will work best when their tips seal properly inside your ears, so you should know how to change your AirPods Pro ear tips. Here’s how to do just that and select the right size.

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To replace your AirPods Pro ear tips, pinch the ear tip at the bottom and pull gently until it pops out, then place the new ear tip into the slot around the audio driver. Ensure the ear tip clicks into place and stays secure, then repeat with the other earbud.


How to choose the right size AirPod Pro tips

An important aspect to consider when swapping out your ear tips is ensuring you pick the correct size. The AirPods Pro (1st generation) come with small, medium, and large tips, while the second-generation AirPods Pro add an extra small option.

To get a proper seal, try each ear tip size. Your earbuds will fall out or feel loose if they’re too small. On the other hand, you’ll feel stretching, pain, and pressure if they’re too big. Adequately sized tips should feel snug and comfortable. Try moving your head around to ensure nothing slides out of place. Doing all this will help keep out external noises and prevent sound leakage from your AirPods Pro.

For extra assurance, you can use the ear tip fit test in iOS. To use it, do the following: open Settings > Bluetooth > Press the “i” button next to your AirPods Pro > Ear tip fit test. Your AirPods Pro will start playing sound to test how much audio leaks out and then tell you if your fit is acceptable.

How to change AirPods Pro ear tips

A picture of the Apple AirPods Pro earbuds silicone ear tip removed from the earbud and in a man's hand.

If you haven’t got quite the right fit or simply want to swap out your old AirPods Pro ear tips for a fresh set, here’s how to change them:

  1. Pinch the ear tip at the bottom and pull gently until it pops out.
  2. Note the small divot or slot into which an AirPods Pro ear tip slides; this is where the new tip should go.
  3. Place the new ear tip into that slot around the audio driver in the earbud. Ensure that the ear tip clicks into place and stays secure.
  4. Repeat these steps for the other earbud.

Remember to remove or insert ear tips onto your AirPods Pro gently. You shouldn’t have to tug hard to remove them or press hard to insert new ear tips.

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No, Apple’s one-year warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage. It does cover manufacturing defects, however. So if your AirPods Pro came with damaged tips from the factory, that’s covered. But damage from normal use isn’t covered, and AppleCare+ doesn’t cover ear tip replacement either.

No, the ear tip design and slot on the earbuds to receive them are unique to the AirPods Pro. As a result, ear tips from other brands of earbuds likely won’t fit.