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How to add widgets to your iPhone's homescreen

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February 22, 2023

iPhones have traditionally lagged behind Android in widget support, but Apple finally added homescreen widgets in iOS 14, and lockscreen widgets in iOS 16. Here’s how to customize your iPhone with both.

How to add widgets to an iPhone homescreen

First note that you can only add widgets associated with an installed app, and not all third-party apps offer them. Under those conditions though, adding homescreen widgets is easy:

  • Find a blank space on your homescreen, then tap and hold until apps begin shaking.
  • Tap the plus icon in the upper-left corner.
  • Browse through widgets and select the one you want.
  • Some widgets have multiple versions or sizes, in which case you can swipe to select.
  • Tap Add Widget when you’re ready.

How to move or stack widgets on the iPhone homescreen

By default iOS adds new widgets to the next available space, but you may want them somewhere else based on aesthetics or practicality. To move a widget, just tap and hold on it and select Edit Home Screen. Drag the widget to a new space or page.

If you want to save room, you can combine similarly-sized widgets into a stack, then swipe up or down on it to flip through info. Here’s how to create a custom stack:

  • Add two or more widgets to your homescreen.
  • Tap and hold on one and select Edit Home Screen.
  • Drag all the widgets you want on top of each other.
  • Tap Done.

If you want to rearrange or remove widgets within a stack, tap and hold on it and choose Edit Stack. Drag and drop widgets to rearrange them, or hit a minus button to remove one. You might also want to toggle off Widget Suggestions in this menu, since iOS will sometimes insert widgets that have nothing to do with your theme.

How to remove widgets from your iPhone homescreen

To remove a widget or stack, just tap and hold it, then select Edit Home Screen. Use the minus button next to it to remove it.

How to add widgets to your iPhone’s lockscreen

Lockscreen widgets are a different beast. They come in smaller sizes, and you add them as a part of customizing wallpaper. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Wallpaper.
  • Swipe to select the wallpaper pair you want to edit, then tap Customize under the lockscreen.
  • Tap the highlighted rectangle under the clock. This is the widget tray.
  • Tap or drag one or more of the suggested widgets to add them to the tray, or scroll down and select an app name to see the widgets it has available. If you go the second route, tap or drag the size you want into the tray.
  • Drag and drop widgets within the tray to rearrange them, or tap a minus button to remove one.
  • Close the Add Widgets window, then tap Done.