Google Play Store show installed apps toggle

The Google Play Store is rolling out a new “Show installed apps” toggle in app lists. The toggle effectively adds or subtracts the apps you already have on your phone from any of the top app lists in the Play Store. By flipping the switch you’ll no longer be bogged down by apps you already have installed when you’re looking for new apps to check out.

It’s a nice feature to have and one that really should have appeared a lot sooner than now. There’s nothing more painful (actually this isn’t true, but you know what I mean) than endlessly sifting through recommended apps you already have installed, just to find the one or two fresh ones in an app list. Here it is in action:

The toggle only appears in the Play Store’s “Top” app lists (those that appear in the Top Charts section), but not in search results or other app lists like Trending Now, New and Updated or You Might Like…. It’s not clear if it is a permanent server-side switch or A/B test, but it’s already showing up for me on multiple devices (which practically never happens), so jump on in and see if you’ve got it too.

Do you like this new function? Why do you think it took Google so long to roll it out?

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