Google Maps has been updated to version 9.60 this week, and it includes picture-in-picture mode for users who have already updated to Android 8.0 Oreo. The feature was added in the previous 9.59 Google Maps update for Android, but it didn’t work due to a rendering bug. That has apparently been fixed in the 9.60 update.

Turning on the mode in Oreo will allow users to see a small window that shows Google Maps working on the main app page. You can not only see the map, but also a turn indicator, which road you are currently traveling on, and an estimated time for when you are supposed to get to your destination. Again, this feature is only available for Oreo users, which at the moment is limited to the Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and Nexus Player devices.

Google has also announced a new feature that should make it easier for many people to find a parking spot. If they have a fixed destination in Google Maps, users can tap on the “find parking” selection to see a list of parking garages and lots nearby. This feature is only available in 25 US cities at the moment, but hopefully this will expand to more locations in the future. Google Maps has also expanded its previous update of parking difficulty icons to 25 more US cities.

Previous updates

Find out the best time of day to get to your destination

July 16: Google Maps for Android added a way to find out the best time of the day to get to the place where you wish to go. You can search for any destination in Google Maps, pull up the Route Info screen from the bottom and you’ll not only see your travel time estimate on the top, you’ll also see a bar graph telling you when you should leave. The bar graph will either be highlighted in green, yellow, or red to indicate traffic conditions.

Ability to add accessibility details

July 7: Google has introduced a new way of adding accessibility details about places to Maps and Search. These details help people with disabilities find out whether or not a restaurant has a wheelchair accessible entrance, a store has an elevator to get to the next floor, and so on. To share accessibility info about a certain place, just open up Google Maps on your Android device, head into the main menu, and tap on “Your contributions.” From there, select “Uncover missing info” and then sort by “Accessibility” to see the places in your area that don’t have these details listed yet. The final step in this process is simply to add the info and share it with the world. You can see how this looks like in the image above.

Create and share lists of cool places

February 13: This update added the option of creating lists of places and share them with family, friends, and colleagues. These lists could be anything from the best restaurants in town and the best spots for fishing to the coolest clubs or 100 places to see before you die. You’re not limited to physical places, as you can add places that are not marked on the map by dropping a pin.

You can access all the lists you have created from the side menu, in the Your Places section. Once you open a list, you can easily share it with anyone via a custom link that you can send over your favorite social or messaging app.

New tabbed interface

February 6: Google added a new tabbed interface that makes it easier to get to frequently used features, grouped into three main categories: Driving, Transit, and Places. Finding a good place to eat, entering Driving Mode or catching the next train is easier than ever.

Parking estimation and hotel amenities

January 26: With this Google Maps update, the popular navigation app started estimating how long it will take to park at your destination. The same release also brought images albums showing the amenities you’d get at hotels, motels or other lodging locations.

Uber integration and new UI improvements

January 12: Google has brought full Uber integration to Maps on Android, allowing you to book, complete and pay for an Uber ride directly within the app. There’s also a new interface in Maps that shows the types of ride options you have in a particular location.

Tons of new voice commands

September 29: A ton of new voice commands are now available within Google Maps on Android, allowing you to mute, show route overview, avoid tolls, and much more, all while using your voice. A full list of the new voice commands can be found here.