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Google Maps will now show Lime scooter and bike rental information. The feature had previously been available in a very small selection of cities, but this has now been expanded to more than 80 locations worldwide.

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Notifications will conveniently tell you if a Lime vehicle is available, how long it’ll take to walk to the vehicle, an estimate of how much your ride could cost, along with your total journey time and ETA.

You can see a full list of all the Lime Google Maps cities here.

Previous Google Maps updates

Speed limits in the US

January 18, 2019: Google has begun rolling out speed limit signs in Maps in U.S. cities including New York City, Los Angeles, and Minnesota.

Speed trap warnings

January 16, 2019: Maps now warns users when approaching speed cameras on roads. The feature was first spotted in the U.K..

Commute updates

October 4, 2018: Google announced that it’s bringing four new features to Google Maps, all centered on the idea of making your work commute more efficient, easier, and best of all — more fun!

The four new features are a new commute tab, mixed-mode commutes for different transport options on a single trip, detailed public transit info, and faster access to music with Spotify and Google Play Music integration.

New “For You” tab introduced to Google Maps

June 26, 2018: Google is updating Maps with a couple of new features that it hopes will encourage users to get out of the house and try new things. The first is an entirely new tab within the Google Maps app called “For You.” Here, users will be shown recommendations of places and businesses in their area, especially those that are brand new or are trending based on Google’s data. While the new tab in itself is a nice new feature if you’re out of ideas for what to do one evening, Google has gone a step further and applied its machine learning smarts with a complimentary feature called “Your Match.” Your Match gives users a percentage rating against For You recommendations based on their own personal data and what Google knows about the locations in your area.

Search for reviews right in the Google Maps app

May 29, 2018: For a lot of people, Yelp is the go-to site when searching for reviews of restaurants, local attractions, and service providers. But Google has its own robust reviews archive that is easily searchable within Google Search or even Google Assistant. However, searching for reviews within Google Maps for Android hasn’t been possible; you would be notified about leaving a review after visiting an establishment, but finding existing reviews was difficult. That’s why it’s exciting that Google is now rolling out a Maps update that lets you search for reviews right in the app.

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