google keyboard 4 material themes 6

Google is slowly, but surely “materializing” all of its apps, and today it’s time for the popular Google Keyboard to get the treatment.

Google Keyboard 4.0.2 is currently rolling out to users, and the biggest change in the new version is the presence of two snazzy Material themes – dark and light – adding to the existing Holo White and Holo Blue. The themes are pretty much what you’d expect, but they are still a welcome change – after all, most people prefer a consistent look, and now that Google has updated Gmail, Maps, Calendar, and other apps to Material, the old designs looked out place.

In order to use the new themes, you will need to select from the settings menu, by going to Settings>Language and Input on your phone.

If you don’t like Google Keyboard for some reason, but you still want a touch of Material, your best option is probably SwiftKey, which recently added two Material themes to its paid theme store. You can download the updated APK from here.