swiftkey material

If you like your virtual keyboards Materialized, you have two main options – Google’s leaked Keyboard app and, starting today, SwiftKey.

SwiftKey devotees with a taste for Googley designs will be happy to hear that there are two Material themes now available in the SwiftKey Store. The good news is they’re beautiful, and you get to choose between a dark and a light version. The slight less good news is each theme costs 99 cents.

I went for the dark theme, which features a bluish-gray background with teal accents, and I have to say it, I love it. I am a longtime Swype user, but I am also a sucker for eye candy, so this may just make me give SwiftKey a run again, at least until Swype comes up with its own Material themes.

To buy and use the new Material themes, long tap the SwiftKey button in the keyboard, select Themes, and then SwiftKey  Store.

Check out SwiftKey in the Play Store here.