google home mini aqua mint blue

For the first time since it launched in 2017, Google is adding a new color option to the Google Home Mini lineup: Aqua. 

The shade of aqua Google is using is actually quite nice — it looks like it will have no problem blending into a living room or kitchen. I think the same can be said for the other color options as well. The coral model looks great in my office.


Google actually threw some shade at Amazon in the announcement post for the new aqua color. “Consumers want their technology to fit into their home instead of being a blinking black eyesore.” Shots fired.

Last year, I talked to Google about adding new colors to the Google Home Mini lineup. I suggested dark green or navy blue (two of my favorite colors), but they wouldn’t budge. “The colors need to align with the Google brand while also seamlessly blending into the home,” said Selena Salazar, product manager for Home Mini. The idea behind the new aqua version is so customers can add “bright contrast to [their] decor and lighten up the space.”

The new aqua color will be available from the Google Store and Walmart for $49 on October 29.

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