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How Google Home can help you stick to your 2018 New Year's resolution

Want to keep on track with your 2018 New Year's resolution? Do you own a Google Home device? Here are some ways Google Home can help.

Published onJanuary 7, 2018

Google Home

Sticking with a New Year’s resolution can be tough. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, stop smoking, or get rid of a bad habit, falling behind on your goals for the new year can be upsetting.

Do you own a Google Home, Home Mini, or Home Max? Do you want to make sure you don’t fall behind on your resolution? Here are some ways Google Home can help you stay focused on your goals this year

Stop losing your stuff:

Do you find yourself misplacing your car keys, phone, or wallet? Try saying, “Hey Google, remind me where I put my keys.” Creating reminders with the Google Assistant is an easy way to remember where you put your most misplaced items.

Google Home will also make sure you never lose your phone again. Just say, “Hey Google, find my phone,” and your smartphone will start ringing.

Find time to relax:

If you find yourself being too anxious or just want to make time to breathe during the day, Google Home can help with that, too. Try saying, “Okay Google, help me relax.” Your Home device will then play nature sounds for you. Not your cup of tea? You can also ask it to play thunderstorm sounds or ocean sounds.

You can also set timers with Google Home, which is perfect for those times you want to take a quick power nap.

My personal favorite is asking the Google Assistant for a mindfulness tip. I have one sent to me every day at noon, which really helps me stay motivated. You’ll receive tips like this one:

When you’re acting out of habit and not desire, stop and think for a second before you make your next move.

Keep in better touch with your family and friends:

If you want to make a habit of calling your mom or dad a few times a week, you can make hands-free calls with Google Home. Say, “Okay Google, call dad.”

Reminders are also a good way to stay on top of a calling schedule. “Okay Google, remind me to call my sister every week.”

Cut down on your TV watching:

Spending a little too much time on Netflix? Try setting a timer to step away from your favorite show an hour after you start watching. You can also say, “Okay Google, turn off the TV.”

Keep up with your fitness goals:

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If you’re looking to stay motivated while you’re working out, you can ask Google to play music or videos on YouTube or on your favorite music service. Try, “Okay Google, play Yoga With Adriene on YouTube”, or “Hey Google, play my workout playlist on Google Play Music.”

Counting calories? Google is great at giving nutritional information. Just ask, “Okay Google, how many calories are in a slice of cheesecake?”

Stop procrastinating:

This is one of my 2018 goals. I frequently ask Google Home to remind me to pay rent, respond to emails, and more.

Any others? How do you use Google Home to help you stay on top of your goals?

If you’re not sure what your New Year’s resolution should be, Google Home can help you pick one. Just ask, “Hey Google, what should my New Year’s resolution be?” The Google Assistant will give you a few suggestions such as writing a book, keeping a journal, volunteering more often, or picking up a new hobby.