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In the latest Google Chrome update for Android the search giant has added a couple of new features: Lite Pages and Offline Content on the Dino Page.

First up in Google Chrome v73 is an improvement to the browser’s Data Saver with the addition of Lite Pages. Chrome users with Data Saver turned on will now see a Lite icon in the URL bar when a page has been optimized for lower data speeds. Users can tap on the icon to switch back to the full page or see more info. If a user repeatedly switches a page back to the original version Google will detect this in the future.

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In addition, Google has updated Chrome for Android’s Data Saver functionality to work with HTTPS pages. Google announced the change in a blog post yesterday alongside the announcement of Lite Pages.

The other headline feature is offline content links on the famous (infamous?) “no internet” Dino screen. Now, instead of just being stuck with playing the same endless runner over and over again when offline, you can instead read saved articles directly from the Dino screen.

In addition to these new features, Chrome 73 for Android also has a number of stability and performance improvements. You can get the highly technical details at Google’s Chromium website. You can update Chrome to the new version right now via the Google Play Store.

Previous Google Chrome updates

FileReader API zero-day exploit fix

March 1, 2019: Google has released a Chrome update which patches a serious “use-after-free” flaw related to the FileReader API. This API allows websites and other web-based services to read files stored on a user’s computer. But the flaw lets hackers break out and execute potentially malicious code on a device.

10th anniversary update

September, 4 2018: Google Chrome is celebrating its tenth birthday with a bunch of improvements. Chrome v69 includes an updated, cleaner design, password generation on more sites, and mobile payments via third party payment apps.

Find saved passwords

April 17, 2018: Chrome 66 adds a new feature that lets Android users find all saved passwords under Settings > Passwords.

Language settings and simplified view prompts

March 6, 2018: In Chrome 65 users on Android can now set language preferences for web content in Settings > Languages. Simplified view prompts can also now be turned on for all supported articles. In addition, it’s now easier to share and delete downloads.

Tab and new window blocking for abusive ads

January 23, 2018: Websites with “abusive” ad experiences can now longer open additional windows and tabs without the user’s permission.

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