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New Google Assistant bug is an E minor problem for DJs

The bug results in searches for "9a songs" adjusting the volume of the phone instead of showing search results.

Published onJune 21, 2018

Google Assistant
  • A Google Assistant bug has surfaced that results in searches for “9a songs” adjusting the phone’s volume instead of showing search results.
  • On the Camelot Wheel, a 9a song is a song written in E minor.
  • The bug does not seem as alarming as a previous one that resulted in text messages popping up on screen.

A Reddit user has discovered that searching for “9a songs” in the Google Assistant search bar results in the app changing the device’s volume instead of bringing up search results. Similar commands such as “9a song”, or “9a music” have the same effect. Changing the number but keeping the rest of the search term the same results in different volumes being selected.

The Reddit user discovered the weird bug after finding out about the Camelot Wheel. In this wheel, each musical key is represented by a number and a letter. It is used by DJs to show which songs mix well together based on the key they are written in. In this instance, a 9a song is a song in E minor, which is what the user was searching for.

There are many ways to change the volume of a device using Google Assistant and some of them are very similar to the search term 9a songs. For example, 9 songs, 9 music, and songs 9 can all be used to change the volume of the device. The number in the search term relates to the volume level, with zero being silent.

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This isn’t the first time someone has reported a Google Assistant search bug. Earlier this month, it was reported that typing misspelled versions of the website for the band The 1975, such as “,” or “,” resulted in the user’s text messages popping up on screen.

While having your phone’s volume change would appear to be a lot less alarming than having all your messages appear for no reason, the current bug could still be annoying in certain situations. For example, if the person performing the search doesn’t realize what they have done and their phone goes off when it should be on silent.

When the 1975 glitch occurred, Google moved pretty quickly to roll out a fix. It has not yet responded to the current bug.

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