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What does Gmail error 502 mean and how to fix it

Is there anything you can do?

Published onMay 19, 2023

Much of our personal and work communication relies on email, so it can be frustrating when it’s not working. While not too common, Google’s email service can have problems, and one of the most common ones is Gmail error 502. What is this all about, and how can we go about fixing the issue?


Gmail error 502 generally tells us there is an issue with server communications. More specifically, it's usually related to server problems on the other side of your internet connection; the company's servers.

A 502 error is rarely something related to your device, browser, app, or internet. That said, there are some things you can try to get to your Gmail faster.


What is Gmail error 502?

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Before trying to figure out a fix, you need to understand that Gmail error 502 is something that is usually out of your power to resolve. This is because it is typically telling you servers at work are having issues, or that they’re sending each other invalid responses. In other words, it’s a problem between Google’s servers and whatever other servers these are trying to communicate with.

You may see Gmail error 502 showing up in different forms. It may appear as “502 Bad Gateway,” “Error 502,” “HTTP 502,” Temporary Error (502),” and other variants. All of these messages essentially tell us the same, though.

There are multiple reasons this could be happening. Some common causes include the servers being down, internet issues on Gmail’s end, bad connectivity setups, and bugs. You might also see it when too many people are trying to reach the Gmail servers simultaneously, which could cause an overload.

How to fix Gmail error 502

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Again, there is usually not much you can do to fix it, but here are some troubleshooting tips you can try when encountering Gmail error 502.

  • Refresh the page: Google is usually pretty quick to fix server-side issues. And since its server connection is likely the problem, a simple refresh may get your Gmail up and running. Try refreshing the page until Gmail error 502 disappears.
  • Check if Gmail is down: You can ensure the issue is actually with Google’s servers. Google has its own status page, where you can see if Gmail is having service interruptions. Additionally, you can use a crowd-sourced, third-party website like
  • Clear the cookies and cache: Cookies and cache files can be corrupted, which may sometimes cause issues connecting to Gmail’s servers. Additionally, sometimes cache stores the error info in our web browsers. Clearing it will give us a clean slate and let us access Gmail, as long as it is actually working again. Here’s our guide for clearing cookies and cache on Chrome.
  • Try a VPN: If you use a VPN, there is a chance your VPN provider has servers closer to Gmail’s servers. Closer geographical distance between servers improves performance, and it might make a difference, especially if the issue is a congested server. Here are our favorite VPN options, as well as some free alternatives.
  • Try changing your DNS settings: Your connection may have a DNS issue. This is a complex topic, but it’s essentially the protocol that identifies your device online. We have a dedicated guide on changing the DNS settings on all devices. We recommend that you use Google’s DNS servers.
  • Try Incognito mode: If you go into Chrome’s Incognito mode, and you can actually access Gmail, this is telling us there is another issue causing conflicts with your connections. The most common cause, in this case, is a rogue extension. You can try disabling them to see if that helps.


Error 502 usually implies there is an issue between the website’s servers and other servers it’s trying to communicate with.

There are many things that can cause an error 502. Common causes include server downtime, server overload, server settings issues, bad connectivity, and more.

Not usually. Your best bet is to wait a bit and refresh Gmail when you get an error code 502. There are some instances when you can do something to fix the issue, though.

If you’re getting Gmail error 502, there is a high chance you’re not alone. Check Google’s status page and, to see if Gmail’s servers are down.

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