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You told us: Many of you might retire your Android phone for a free iPhone

But a MOST of you will remain loyal to your Android phone.

Published onMay 21, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs iPhone 12 Pro 2
Adam Molina / Android Authority

The Android phone vs. iPhone debate is never-ending. Each year, both platforms compete for supremacy by offering the latest hardware and software features to attract users. However, jumping from one OS to the other is not something people often do. There are several factors to this, including UI comfort, loyalty, habitual behavior, the openness of Android vs. the restrictions of iOS, app availability, specs, price, and more. But what if someone gave you a free iPhone? Would you retire your Android phone, leaving all these considerations aside?

We asked you this question in our poll and here’s how you responded.

If you got a free iPhone today, would you retire your Android phone?


For a poll like this to run on Android Authority, the results are quite fascinating, depending on how you interpret them.

24.37% of the almost 11,000 voters agreed outright to retire their Android phones for a new, free iPhone. These people may have older Android phones that might be in need of an upgrade. It’s also possible that they’ve been stuck with an Android phone because iPhones are generally less affordable, or they just want to experience something different.

Meanwhile, a large chunk — 32.9% of the respondents — said that they might consider moving over from their Android phone to the free iPhone, depending on which model of the latter they get.

Combine these votes and almost 56% of the voters show a willingness to go for a free iPhone and retire their Android phones.

However, if you look purely at the poll results, unsurprisingly, a majority of you (42.6%) won’t fall for the free iPhone trap. Your Android phones are way too precious to you and you’ll stick to them no matter the free iPhone offer.

Your Comments

Peter Colpaert: I’d sell the iPhone to some fan-boy/girl/person and use the money for a much cooler Android phone.

Zarkman: Android is junk. Apple is worth more than all of your android companies combined times 10 for a reason. It’s called supply and demand. People demand superior products, and Apple supplies them.

Jacob Stutzman: I actually literally just did this. Got a free iPhone for adding a line. Sold it 2 days later and grabbed a OnePlus 9 for what I sold the iPhone for. It worked out great.

Ryan: I was given two iPhones at work, have sold both of them, and will be upgrading to something else soon.

vagabonti: I would retire the new iPhone.

Abdul Basit Snowkid: If I like the iPhone enough I might use it as my secondary phone, but I’m definitely not going to abandon my Android phone.

Ant_B: I have a love for Apple just as much as I have a love for Android. Both platforms have kept my interest in technology alive for years. It’s just that as far as my use case goes, I prefer Android. Neither is perfect, but neither is complete trash either.

Richard Durishin: Replace my productivity machine (Surface Duo) or my sonic haven (V60)? No way.

Steve: I already have an iPhone 12 Pro. You couldn’t pay me to use an Android again. How many different brands use their OS and Apple still kicks all of their asses. There’s a good reason just about every TV show and Movie portrays their phones and laptops etc as Apple products because they are the Gold Standard. They only make High-End expensive gear, whether it’s a MacBook Pro or AirPods etc., not like the entry-level cheap crap that the Android companies make.

DBS: Seeing how featureless garbage Samsung’s S20 and S21 line have turned out, and how sh*t the UI of Android is becoming with Android 12…yeah, I’m probably closer to switching to an iPhone than I’ve ever been. So if my S10e was dead and I was given a 12 Mini with 512GB (because it lacks expandable storage which is something I don’t accept to give up nor pay for extra internal storage), I would consider it.

TeeRoy Woodfin: If someone gave me an IPhone or if I won an IPhone in a sweepstake, I would sell it. I wouldn’t care if it was an IPhone 12,13 or 20. iPhones are boring and have too many proprietary restrictions.

Kelvin K. Martin: Android is so much better than iPhone. There is just so much more you can do with the Android OS. You can download your music in torrents. You can download movies, jailbreak your phone to run the latest Android software and the security is second to none. I would definitely not retire my iPhone.

Dw: I’m about to buy a new iPhone. Giving me one would just sweeten the deal. Android phones are big and clunky, and they download way more data on me than Apple. Plus, kudos to iPhones asking me if I want to stop sharing unique identifiers with Facebook – and yes I would.

Colin Hendrickson: Only if it was the 12 pro max with 512GB storage. Then my Note 10 5G could move over.

Marcus: I’d use both of them together. Experience the best of both worlds. But obviously, my Android phone would be my main phone.

Mega DP: The only reason I would jump ship to Apple is because of their stance on privacy and the recent middle finger they gave to social networks. If Google did the same thing, it wouldn’t even be a debate.

Alfi Shaikh: I could trade my Flagship Andriod 5G S20 or S21 phone for iPhone 12 only. No other iPhone. iPhone 11 or below series are no comparison for the 2021 flagship Android phone.

Mike Solòrzano: I’d love to switch, I love Android, don’t get me wrong, especially because I have a HUAWEI phone, but I cannot afford to have a Samsung or an iPhone, and I would like to start fresh and see that iOS has to offer since I never used it before, I hope you can gift me one haha.

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