Samsung Galaxy S21 vs iPhone 12 Pro 2
Adam Molina / Android Authority

It’s a debate as old as time. Android phone or iPhone, which is better and why? But we’re not here to ask you that question. We’re here to know if you got a spanking new iPhone for free today, would you retire your Android phone? Of course, there are multiple considerations to this.

Perhaps your Android phone is a few years old and the new iPhone comes with better specs. You could also have the latest and greatest Android phone right now and have to decide between it and a brand new iPhone. Whatever be the case, would you ditch your Android device for a free iPhone?

Of course, your answer could be more nuanced than the options in our poll. We’d also like to know the reason for your choice. So without further ado, vote away and feel free to leave us a comment below the article with your thoughts on the subject.