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How to forward a text message on the iPhone

Forward your bill reminders via SMS on to someone else!

Published onSeptember 7, 2022

If you need to forward a text message on the iPhone to someone else, you don’t have to go through any copy-and-paste hassle. iMessage has a built-in forwarding function — it’s just not terribly obvious where to find it. You can also have regular SMS messages automatically diverted to your iPad and Mac. We’ll be looking at both subjects in this article.

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To forward a text message on your iPhone, hold down the message you want to forward. A menu will then appear. Tap More, and a small curved arrow will appear at the bottom-right of the screen. That's the forwarding icon. Tapping that will put the message in a new SMS window. Enter the contact details of the person to receive the SMS and tap the upward arrow send button.


How to forward a text message on iPhone to someone else

It’s very easy to forward a text message on the iPhone. It’s just not so straightforward to find the forwarding icon. Start by holding down on the text message with your finger for a couple of seconds. A menu will then appear. Tap More.

iphone text message

At the bottom-right of the screen, you will now see an arrow curving to the right. This is the forwarding icon. Tap it.

iphone text message forward icon

The message will now be copied into a new text message window. Enter the phone number of the contact you want to send the message to. The actual message itself is also editable, in case you want to add or delete anything.

iphone text message forwarded

When the text message is ready to go, tap the upwards arrow icon to send it.

How to automatically forward iPhone text messages to your iPad or Mac

You can have text messages from your iPhone automatically forwarded to your iPad and Mac. All it requires is to have the feature enabled on all devices. Start by going to Settings–>Messages, and scroll down to Text Message Forwarding. Tap it to open it.

forward iphone text message to ipad and mac

Select the devices you want to forward your text messages to. If you don’t see a device in this list, ensure that the missing device is logged into the same iCloud account as your iPhone. Also, ensure that Messages are enabled in iCloud settings on both devices.

text message forwarding iphone to ipad and mac

From then on, all text messages received on your iPhone will also appear on the devices you selected above.

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iMessage is the messaging platform available on Apple devices (although it is technically available on other platforms too.) The owners of those devices can message other Apple device owners for free. Regular SMS are messages sent outside the Apple ecosystem and cost money to send.

iMessages are blue, and regular SMS messages are green. Plus, iMessages are clearly marked as iMessage, and SMS is clearly marked as Text Message.

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