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Your phone won't charge? Try these fixes

Don't freak out just yet! Let's see if we can get your battery charging again.
April 17, 2023
Galaxy iPhone and Pixel smartphones with selection of chargers 2
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

It has been a long and busy day. You get home with a nearly dead smartphone battery and finally plug it in, only to find out the thing isn’t charging anymore! It’s normal to freak out for a bit, but don’t lose hope just yet. Here are some quick solutions you can try when you’re having issues with your phone not charging.

Editor’s note: Any instructions in this post were formulated using a Google Pixel 7 Pro running Android 13. The steps might be a bit different for your specific device.

Check out the Ampere app

Ampere is an excellent app for checking if your phone is charging and how much it’s charging. It essentially identifies how much current is being drawn in from your device when it charges. Because of this, the app is great for seeing if your phone is charging at all and for seeing which charging method is the best.

Give it a go and see the status of your phone battery while plugged in. If the number in the app shows up green, the device is charging, but if it’s a negative orange number, your device is using power.

Is your cable in good condition?

OnePlus 10 Pro review revisited with charging cable
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

A phone not charging could be due to many reasons, but the cable is one of the first things to check. Especially if it’s an accessory you’ve had for a long time, possibly since the phone was purchased. Our cables go through plenty of torture. They go with you to many places, not to mention we can often step or trip on them, they often get tangled up, we throw them in bags carelessly, and so on.

Inspect your charging cable thoroughly and see if there are any evident signs of damage. Any rips, bends, cuts, or general damage will be a good reason cables malfunction. Also, try to charge another device with it and see if it works. If it does, the issue might be the device. You can also try using another cable to see if it will charge your smartphone battery.

If you find out a damaged cable is the issue, look at our list of the best USB cables to find a replacement.

How about the adapter?

infinitylab instantgo charger with cables and plugs laying down - What to do when your phone won't charge
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Of course, the wall charger is just as important as the cable. Go ahead and put it through the paces. Inspect it for any damage. Cracks or bent outlets are obvious red flags. Likewise, try using it with other devices and switching it with another brick to see if this is the problem.

Here’s our list of the best wall chargers to find a good alternative to your damaged one. We also have a guide for picking the right charger for your phone.

Check your charging port

HUAWEI MateBook E USB C port - What to do when your phone won't charge
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

If your cable and charger work with other devices, it’s time to start looking at your phone. A common culprit is the charging port. For starters, go ahead and check if there is any dirt or debris in the port. Something as simple as a dirty port will mess up your charging. You can try cleaning the charging port with a brush or compressed air.

If you need some recommendations, any compressed air disposable can should work. If you often need compressed air, it might be a good idea to invest in an electric compressed air machine. There are many on Amazon, but I’ve personally used the XPOWER A-2S and have no complaints so far.

Have you noticed the port feeling loose lately? Ports can get worn out with excessive usage. You could also find signs of corrosion in there. Sadly, there isn’t much you can do about this, other than replacing the phone or trying to have the port replaced.

Test a wireless charger

Google Pixel Stand wireless charging Galaxy S21 Ultra - What to do when your phone won't charge
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Given that your phone supports wireless charging, and you have a wireless charger, this is an easy way to test if the problem is related to the phone’s port or accessories. Just try to charge your phone with a wireless charger. This could also be a temporary solution to keep your phone working until you figure out the problem and get it fixed. You might have a bigger battery-related issue if your phone isn’t charging.

Try a different power source

Electrical outlet stock photo - What to do when your phone won't charge
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Plug something else into the same outlet you’re trying to charge your phone with and see if it works. Sometimes outlets go bad, or a section of your home might have electric problems. Additionally, some power sources can be weak. If you find issues with your outlet, try other outlets in the house.

Those trying to charge using a USB port in a computer or power strip might not be getting the juice the smartphone needs to charge correctly. Move to a regular outlet and see if this gets rid of your charging woes.

Turn your phone off or restart

This is a magical fix for all things tech, and it works most of the time. Sometimes a simple restart will get all your phone’s gears in place and have it working correctly. Turning off your phone completely might also help your smartphone battery charge better. Any heavy usage or background processes can affect charging performance. Turning your phone off will leave all resources clear so your device can focus solely on charging. Simultaneously press the Power and Volume Up buttons, then tap on Restart. Alternatively, you can select Power off and manually turn the phone back on.

How to turn off or restart an Android phone:

  1. Press the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously.
  2. Select either Power off or Restart.

Can you replace the battery?

Smartphones with a removable battery are rare these days, but if you still have one of these gems, you could try a few fixes. For starters, trying something like removing the battery and putting it back in place might get everything working again. Aside from that, you could try getting a brand-new battery and replacing the old one.

Did you completely deplete your battery?

realme MagDart Concept Phone charging logo close up - What to do when your phone won't charge
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Your phone needs at least some power to continue operating correctly. Devices actually turn off a bit before the battery reaches zero, just so they can have some energy to manage things next time you turn them on, or even while turned off, charging. It’s common to run into problems when you deplete batteries completely. Luckily, those in this position are the luckiest of the bunch, as it’s not really a serious problem to deal with.

You’ll have to be more patient and leave the phone plugged in longer. Eventually, the phone will wake itself up and receive a charge. You can try a soft reset, which is done by pressing the Power button for 30 seconds.

Check for software updates

A simple solution might be to check for software updates. Of course, this is given you have some power to go through the upgrading process. Just go to Settings > System > System Update > Check for Update. Follow instructions to upgrade if an update is available.

How to update your Android phone:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go into System.
  3. Tap on System Update.
  4. Hit Check for Update.
  5. The phone will let you know if your device has available updates. Follow the instructions to complete the update.

What should I do if nothing works?

Now that you’ve tried all these methods for fixing a phone that won’t charge, it’s time to pull out the bigger guns. Is there anything else you can do? First, you should look into your warranty or insurance status. Most phones come with a one-year warranty, and the manufacturer should take care of any fixes, given that the issue isn’t directly your fault. If you dropped the device or dunked it in water, then that’s considered accidental damage. Many insurance plans cover accidental damage, so check if you bought insurance and see if you can get your phone replaced.

If all else fails, you can try replacing your device. Check out our list of the best Android phones for some recommendations. Even better, you should consider one of the best phones with the best battery life. And remember to follow good charging habits in the future, to extend your battery’s life.