Third-gen Chromecast

In a new press release posted today, Amazon announced that two things will be happening few of us would have expected: Google’s YouTube app is coming to Amazon Fire TV and Amazon’s Prime Video app is coming to Google’s Chromecast and Android TV devices.

This show of compromise between the two companies is very surprising, considering the long history of antagonistic behavior each has shown the other.

Both the support for YouTube on Amazon Fire TV and support for Prime Video on Google devices will arrive “in the coming months.” Google’s cord-cutting service YouTube TV and YouTube Kids will also land on Fire TV later this year.

For a long time, Google only allowed the YouTube app on Android TV devices, Apple TV (post-second-gen), and a few others, with Chromecasts having casting abilities. Eventually, Google rolled out the YouTube app to Roku devices but still kept it off Amazon Fire TV devices until now.

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Likewise, Amazon’s Prime Video service is available on most media streaming boxes but not on Android TV or Chromecasts currently.

It’s not clear how this feud between the two companies began, but Amazon earned Google’s ire when it refused to sell Chromecasts via its shopping hub. Amazon’s explanation for that was because Chromecasts didn’t support Prime Video, which might mean Google started it.

In 2017, Amazon said it would start selling the Chromecast soon, but didn’t officially list them for sale until December last year. Before then, a search for “Chromecast” on Amazon brought you a listing of Amazon Fire TV devices.

Between this Google/Amazon compromise and the litigation truce between Apple and Qualcomm announced earlier this week, we fully expect world peace to happen by this weekend.

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