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Which Fitbit wearables have fall detection features?

Look elsewhere if fall detection is a must-have smartwatch feature.
April 4, 2023
A Fitbit Charge 5 rests on its side on a cement surface.
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Fall detection is an essential feature for elderly and vulnerable smartwatch users. Present on several new wearables, fall detection alerts an emergency contact if the device detects a hard fall and the lack of movement afterward. Devices like the Apple Watch have had fall detection since 2018, but do Fitbit devices have fall detection or an equivalent emergency feature? Read about Fitbit’s fall detection features in detail below.


No Fitbit-branded smartwatch or fitness tracker currently includes fall detection, SOS, or emergency features. If you're looking for a smartwatch with Fitbit health tracking and fall detection functionality, the Google Pixel Watch is your only option.


Does Fitbit have fall detection?

On devices like the Apple Watch, fall detection uses the device’s accelerometer to monitor whether a user experiences a hard fall and whether they can move afterward. After a minute or so, the device will contact a third party with emergency details.

Fitbits are great for those seeking sleep tracking accuracy and overall ease of use, but the company’s devices fall short on some safety features. This includes fall detection. None Fitbit’s devices feature any fall detection smarts or an equivalent safety feature.

If you want a device that includes Fitbit flavor and fall detection, your only alternative is the Google Pixel Watch. Although not a true Fitbit, the Pixel Watch leans heavily on the established Fitbit fitness and health-tracking features. The feature did not launch with the Pixel Watch but was enabled in late February 2023.

Fitbit alternatives with fall detection

Garmin Forerunner 55 review watch face display on table 1
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If you’re looking for a smartwatch with fall detection functionality, you should look beyond the Fitbit stable. Grab one of these Fitbit alternatives instead:


No. Currently, no Fitbit features any official SOS or emergency contact options. However, the Google Pixel Watch does include emergency features.

The Apple Watch SE, Series 4, or newer features fall detection. The Galaxy Watch 3, Active 2, Galaxy Watch 4, and 5 also harbor the feature. Additionally, “incident detection” is what Garmin calls its fall detection and emergency feature.