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How to draw in Google Slides

Put together more picturesque presentations!
January 24, 2023

If you like drawing, an easy-to-access platform like Google Slides is perfect for sharing your art. With a Google Slides presentation, you can share your drawings with many people when you have access to a projector. However, what if you want to use Google Slides as a canvas instead of inserting one of your drawings? There are a few ways to draw on Google Slides, so let’s go over them.

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To draw on Google Slides, click Insert > Line > Scribble. Otherwise, if you want to draw more ornate pictures, you need to use a third-party app or extension like Annotate.


How to draw on Google Slides (Scribble tool)

As you may remember, to draw on Google Docs, you needed to use something called the drawing tool. There is no need for the drawing tool with Google Slides, as you can scribble directly onto any slide in your presentation.

Open your Google Slides presentation on a computer. Click Insert, then hover your cursor over Line. From the extended menu, click Scribble.

inserting scribble on google slides
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Click and drag your mouse anywhere on your slide; this is how you draw your line. As soon as you let go of your click, your line will end, and your drawing will be “complete.” If you need multiple lines for your illustration, you will have to repeat these first two steps and create more scribbles.

click and drag your line drawing
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

The line you scribble will appear on your slide as an image that you can drag around and manipulate. You can make it larger or smaller using the blue dots bordering the image, and you can rotate it using the circular blue dot above the middle of the picture.

click and drag your drawing into place
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

How to draw on Google Slides (Chrome extension)

Annotate is a free extension for the Google Chrome browser that you can use to draw on Google Slides.

The first step here is to open Google Chrome and go to the Chrome Web Store. Find Annotate: Web Annotations with Screen Sharing, then click the blue Add to Chrome button. Register for a free Annotate account when prompted.

add annotate to chrome
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

After installing the extension, make sure to pin it. Go to the top of Chrome, click the puzzle piece-shaped button, then click Pin next to Annotate: Web Annotations with Screen Sharing. This will allow you to access Annotate features much, much easier.

pin your extension
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

On your Google Slides tab, click the Annotate extension. Click Show toolbar.

show your annotate toolbar
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

In the Annotate toolbar, click the Pen button. Alternatively, you can click the Highlighter button if you wish to draw on your Google Slides with a highlighter.

click pen from Annotate
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Draw whatever you need to draw on your slide. You can choose different colors from the Annotate toolbar, which is incredibly useful.

draw on your slide with Annotate extension
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

If you go to a new slide, the drawing will remain on the slide it was drawn on.

new slide without annotation
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To save your drawing on your Google Slides presentation, you must do so through Annotate. Go to the Annotate toolbar, then click Save annotations; this button looks like a floppy disk.

save your annotations
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Click SAVE.

click save to save your annotations
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After saving, your annotations will become available under the Web Annotations tab in your Annotate account. If you exit your Google Slide and go back in, your drawings will be gone. However, on the right side, you can click Load previous annotations to quickly access your drawings from before. These will translate to the presentation, and when you present your Google Slides, you will see your drawings in full.

loading previous annotations on google slides
Curtis Joe / Android Authority


There is no drawing tool tab on Google Slides. However, you can click Insert > Line > Scribble to draw lines directly on your Google Slides.