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Here's how to download Google Pixel 5's live wallpapers for any Android device

Get that official Google look on your phone of choice.
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May 1, 2021
Google Pixel 5 front
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Don’t fret about getting the Google Pixel 5 live wallpaper set — they’re now available to download. Third-party developer Pranav Pandey has released them (via XDA-Developers) for most modern Android phones, albeit with a few catches.

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The collection revolves around two backdrops, Moving Shadows (pictured at right) and Stepping Stones (middle), each of which has multiple variants to suit your taste. Moving Shadows is more abstract and includes a mix of colorful objects whose shadows change as the day progresses. Stepping Stones, meanwhile, includes multiple background colors as well as light and dark themes for a rock sculpture that shakes as your phone tilts.

There are also hints of a third wallpaper, Conveyor Belt (left), but it doesn’t appear to be ready beyond a still image preview.

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How to download the Google Pixel 5 Live wallpaper

You can download the APK for the Pixel 5 live wallpapers at the link below. However, don’t download them from the images above! They have all been compressed. Download the files by clicking the top button below instead. Then just unzip the files, find the one you like best, and set it as your wallpaper on your phone.

You can also download the wallpapers as simple still images at the link below:

The Google Pixel 5 live wallpapers should work on phones using Android 7.0 Nougat or later, although there are some caveats. To achieve that compatibility, the standard wallpaper kit won’t change your system interface color. Ambient Mode has been disabled by default, so it might not play nicely with an always-on display. Pandey only tested the animated backgrounds with an Xperia Z5.

If it works as promised, you won’t have to spring for Google’s latest phone to get its look. And don’t forget that these aren’t your only options — there’s a wider collection of stills available if the live imagery doesn’t suit your style. 

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