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We asked, you told us: You'd ditch Google Assistant for Bing Chat

It turns out that just over 70% of you would consider switching to Bing Chat from Google Assistant.

Published onMarch 7, 2023

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Calvin Wankhede / Android Authority

Microsoft’s Bing search engine gained a supercharged upgrade earlier this year thanks to ChatGPT integration. The new feature means you can enjoy longer, more detailed responses without phrasing your query in a specific way.

Our own Calvin Wankhede recently tried Bing Chat on mobile, which arrives with voice functionality. He declared that he wouldn’t be going back to Google Assistant as a result. We used his article to find out whether readers would switch from Assistant to Bing. Here’s what you told us in this poll.

Would you ditch Google Assistant for Bing?


Over 1,700 votes were cast in this poll, and it turns out many of you aren’t as attached to Google Assistant as I thought. 42.1% of surveyed readers said they’d switch from Assistant to Bing Chat right away for their voice assistant needs.

Meanwhile, 29.1% of respondents said they would switch from Assistant to Bing if it comes to smart speakers. In other words, these people clearly like the idea of Bing Chat but need it on more devices.

Finally, 28.7% of polled readers said they’re still happy with Google Assistant. Google’s smart concierge is able to do a few things that Bing Chat can’t, such as controlling smart home gadgets. So we can see why these users would still be happy with the older service.

In other words, just over 70% of respondents are willing to switch from Assistant to Bing in some capacity. This certainly suggests that Microsoft has a hit on its hands. But the company will need to work hard to expand availability and add new features if it hopes to steal Google and Apple’s voice assistant thunder.


  • Ruli Manurung: Come back to me when Bing chat can do any of the following: turn my bedroom lights on/off, unlock the front door, set timers when I’m cooking, and play the J-Pop songs my daughter loves to listen to in the evening. You know the stuff that Assistants are designed to do, i.e. assist :⁠-⁠)
  • Gary: I’ve been trying Bing chat for the last few days but always had to revert to Google Assistant. The answers were were better and understood my speech better.
  • tigerberry: Meanwhile, I still feel weird talking to my phone. Also, frankly none of these assistants I’ve tried so far understood my accent properly (even though it’s not particularly thick or difficult to understand, it’s just not “US standard”), so they’re useless to me until developers remember that there’s a whole world out there…
  • ziziTop top: Way too slow compared to Google Assistant..
  • Jamie Rose: If only Microsoft didn’t kill Cortana years ago lol. Chat tech is pretty cool. it’s nowhere near perfect, especially if you are trying to find more granular information. and honestly, Chat is a bit too.. chatty? it’s jarring to talk to an algorithm about your favorite videogames. And the recent limitations on it’s chat algorithms make the chatting not very useful if it decides to quit interacting after 30 seconds like a dog with ADHD. but Google definitely needs to bring this integration into Assistant.

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