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How to crosspost on Reddit

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Published onApril 22, 2022

Crossposting, for the uninitiated, is a form of post-sharing within a social media site like Reddit. Crossposting allows you to take a post from one community and re-post it somewhere else on Reddit. This is incredibly useful for situations like when you want people to be able to view a video without having to click a link to the original post.

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To crosspost on Reddit, visit the post that you want to crosspost. Select Share > Crosspost. Choose the community where you want to share that post, then click Post.


Crossposting is useful whenever you want to share content from one community to another on Reddit. Unlike many other social media sites, Reddit makes crossposting incredibly easy.

How to crosspost on Reddit (desktop)

On the Reddit website, locate the post that you wish to crosspost. It doesn’t need to be a post that you created, and it can be in any subreddit. Click Share underneath that post.

locate your post and click share
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

From the dropdown menu underneath Share, click the branching Crosspost button.

click Crosspost
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You will be redirected to the Create a crosspost page in a new tab. Click Choose a community.

click Choose a community
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From the dropdown menu, click on your desired crosspost location. That could be a profile or one of your already joined communities. You can also use the Search communities function to find the community you want to crosspost in.

where do you want to crosspost to
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Click Post.

click post reddit
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How to crosspost on Reddit (Android and iOS)

Open the Reddit mobile app and go to the post you want to crosspost. Tap and then Share.

crosspost on reddit mobile
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

From the Share options, select Crosspost on Reddit.

choose community
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Choose whichever community you want to crosspost the post to on the Choose a community page. The mobile app doesn’t allow you to search for communities you haven’t joined, so you must join the community beforehand.

When ready, press Post on the Crosspost page.

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