Last week’s poll summary: Last week, we asked you to tell us what influences you the most when choosing your next smartphone. Out of all the votes on our website and social channels, the majority of voters said their personal preferences influence their buying decisions most often. The second most popular choice was basing their decisions on performance and speed tests, while hands-on videos and reviews came in third place.

In case you couldn’t tell, Black Friday and Cyber Monday were a big deal this year. Discounts on everything from smartphones to video game consoles were available from most major retailers, and a lot of those deals are still available right now.

Right now, you can save a pretty decent amount of cash on Chromebooks, smart home tech, a variety of AmazonBasics cables and accessories, basically anything on, and even our own Gary Sims’ Introduction to Android Development course.

Did you buy anything for Black Friday or Cyber Monday this year? Let us know by casting your vote in the poll below, and speak up in the comments if you bought something that wasn’t listed in the poll.

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