best tower assault games like clash of clans
Clash Royale is a unique game in Google Play. It combines elements of real-time strategy, online multiplayer, card collecting, and card dueling. There really isn’t a name for the genre, although a lot of people call it tower assault. The mechanics may shift from one genre to the other a little strongly, but we think all of these encapsulate the best. Here are the best tower assault games like Clash Royale! Of course, you can always download Clash Royale here and play it as well! Of course, we have a broader list of multiplayer games for Android if you want something from a different genre.

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Badland Brawl

Price: Free to play

Badland Brawl is an online tower assault game similar to Clash Royale. You play with the characters from the Badland platformer series from Frogmind. Players unlock various characters and battle them against other players. Some of the other features include a tribe social feature and the ability to share clones with your friends. There is also an in-game stream feature to watch other people play the game. It’s a decent replacement for Clash Royale with some different kinds of combat elements.

Brawl Stars

Price: Free to play

Brawl Stars is another game by Supercell. You and a few other people duke it out against other online opponents. The game includes several game modes, including one vs one, two vs two, and three vs three play along with several types of game mechanics. You also get leaderboards, some additional heroes to collect and upgrade, and plenty of new content as the game matures. It’s not quite as strategically intense as Clash Royale, but the online multiplayer aspect is still quite good.

Dota Underlords

Price: Free to play

Dota Underlords is a variant on Dota 2’s Autochess game mode. Players collect characters, form a team, and duel it out with other players. Each character you recruit creates an alliance with other characters you have. You get the best teams by stacking characters that ally with each other. The game also includes ranked matchmaking, leaderboards, a spectator mode, and a seasonal rotation that sees some content leave and other content return.

Gears POP!

Price: Free to play

Gears POP! is one of the newer tower assault games like Clash Royale. Players collect over 30 Gears of War characters animated in a cute Funko POP! style. You then build a squad, take on other players, and climb the ranks. The game also includes various upgrades and abilities, an AI opponent mode for practice, and some other mechanics. Its core premise is identical to Clash Royale, but the mechanics help separate it a little bit so you’re not doing the exact same stuff.


Price: Free to play

Hearthstone is the granddaddy of card dueling games on mobile. It’s still super popular despite its age and there is a metric ton of cards to collect. Players collect cards, build decks, and duel each other. The characters all come from the Warcraft universe. Additionally, the game has single player missions, support for six languages, and you can play it on PC as well as mobile with its cross-play feature. You don’t get as much action as Clash Royale, but the strategy elements are definitely still there.

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League of Wonderland

Price: Free to play

League of Wonderland is one of the newest tower assault games like Clash Royale on Android right now. It’s by SEGA and it’s a solid experience overall. Players do the usual stuff like collect characters, construct a team, and duke it out with players online. It promises a brisk pace at two minutes per online match. The strategy elements are there, the graphics are somewhat decent, and a bunch of different abilities.

Pokemon Masters

Price: Free to play

Pokemon Masters is one of the newer games like Clash Royale on the list. It plays like a Pokemon game in its most basic form. Players collect Pokemon and duel other trainers. However, this one has multi-trainer battles and simpler mechanics from most Pokemon Games. The game also features co-op battles, a story mode, and some other extras. The game was plagued with some bugs and bad decisions early on so its Google Play rating is a bit lower than it should be.


Price: Free to play

Revolve8 is a decent online tower assault game like Clash Royale. Players build decks with eight cards and duke it out with online opponents. The story and lore are heavily steeped in old stories. It doesn’t translate much to game play but it’s a neat atmosphere. The game also features various skills, leagues, and characters to collect. SEGA started this game but sold it off to another developer. The new developers need to do a better job with balancing, but it’s still not too bad of a game overall.

RWBY: Amity Arena

Price: Free to play

RWBY: Amity Arena and RWBY Deckbuilding Game are two deck dueling games from the Rooster Teeth’s RWBY universe. RWBY: Amity Arena has a bit more action while RWBY Deckbuilding Game has a bit more strategy. Amity Arena lets you choose a hero, build a deck, and fight other players online. RWBY Deckbuilding Game is basically like Hearthstone but with RWBY characters and a slightly slower game play style. You can go with either one, but we like Amity Arena a little better.


Price: Free to play

WarFriends is a mix between a shooter and a card collecting duel game. You collect characters and set up a team like you normally would. However, these characters all shoot at each other. It also integrates some MOBA elements as well. The game has your usual things like leaderboards and quick online matches. It’s a decent overall selection, but only if you want a little shooter action with your strategy game.

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If we missed any great online tower assault games like Clash Royale, tell us about it in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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