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Previously this page told you everything you needed to know about Sprint’s plans. Now the Sprint and T-Mobile merger is complete. What does this mean for Sprint? The brand is now officially retired. Sprint customers are automatically being rolled into T-Mobile and there’s no way to sign up for Sprint service anymore.

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If you were considering one of the now-retired Sprint plans, your best option is to simply sign up to T-Mobile. The new T-Mobile will have the same coverage as the old Sprint, in addition to all of T-Mobile’s existing coverage map. 

Best T-Mobile plans

Decided to move on to Tmo? Here are some of the best post-paid plans from the carrier:

 EssentialsMagentaMagenta Plus
CostPrices per line:

$60 for one line
$45 for two lines
$35 for three lines
$30 for four lines
$27 for five lines
Prices per line:

$70 for one line
$60 for two lines
$40 for three lines
$35 for four lines
$32 for five lines
Prices per line:

$85 for one line
$70 for two lines
$47 for three lines
$43 for four lines
$40 for five lines
Unlimited Talk & TextYesYesYes
Unlimited 4G DataMight slow down during congestion.YesYes
5G data includedYesYesYes
Mobile HotspotUnlimited 3G3GB of 4G LTE, then unlimited 3G20GB of 4G LTE, then unlimited 3G
Netflix perk?NoNetflix Basic, one SD screenNetflix Standard, two HD screens
55 Plus PlanYesYesYes
Military PlanNoYesYes
First Responder PlanNoYesYes

We recommend the T-Mobile Magenta Plus plan for most users. The plan gets you unlimited talk, text, and data. There’s also 20GB of 4G LTE hotspot data and unlimited 3G. You even get international texting and 2G data. Not to mention great perks like Netflix. You can learn more about T-Mobile’s plans here. 

Get the Magenta plan

Who owns T-Mobile now, and how does the merger affect Sprint customers?

Deutsche Telekom is the majority owner of the new T-Mobile, with controlling interest of around 43 percent. Sprint’s former owner, Softbank, owns around 24 percent. The rest of the company’s shares are controlled by outside shareholders. 

As for what the merger means for Sprint customers, they are being slowly rolled over and CDMA phone support will be completely phased out over time. 

Not interested in switching to T-Mobile?

There are still plenty of options if you were considering Sprint previously or are a former Sprint customer that doesn’t wish to stick with T-Mobile. First, there’s the prepaid carrier Boost, which previously was owned by Sprint. It offers a similar service to what Sprint would have given you.

If you are looking for a post-paid carrier your other choices are to go with US Cellular, AT&T, or Verizon.  

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your options. Here are a few other guides that will help you with your journey to find the right carrier in the wake of the Sprint merger:

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