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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Verizon Wireless left profile

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is one of the more important smartphones released in the past few years. It’s the first smartphone that can connect to the 5G wireless networks that are just starting to go live across the U.S. It’s also the largest of the Samsung Galaxy S phones ever released, with a huge 6.7-inch display. It also has four rear cameras, including a 3D depth sensor. Finally, it’s the most expensive Galaxy smartphone ever made, at $1,300 (at least until the delayed Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally launched).

With such a large phone, and with all of its advanced hardware specs, chances are you want to get a Galaxy S10 5G case that will help protect the phone from harm. Here’s a look at our picks for the best Galaxy S10 5G cases that are currently available.

The best Samsung Galaxy S10 5G cases

Editor’s note – We will update this post as more high-quality Galaxy S10 5G cases are released.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Official Rugged Protective case

Rugged Protective - Samsung Galax S10 5G case

At the moment, Samsung is only selling one official case for the Galaxy S10 5G. Its Rugged Protective case is supposed to provide military-grade protection against any falls or accidents, and the company claims it has been drop-tested to make sure it will keep your big and expensive phone from harm. The silver case also has a built-in kickstand so you can watch Netflix or other videos hands-free. It’s available from Best Buy for $34.99.

Spigen Liquid Crystal case

Spigen Liquid Crystal case - Samsung Galaxy S10 5G cases

Spigen remains one of the best smartphone case makers around. They have a number of Samsung Galaxy S10 cases to choose from. One is its Liquid Crystal product. It’s designed to be slim, but its TPU material can still provide the Galaxy S10 5G with a good amount of protection. It’s also pretty easy to install as well. Finally, the clear case allows you, and anyone else, to see all of the phone without any barriers. The Spigen Liquid Crystal Galaxy S10 5G case is available now on Amazon for $12.99.

Spigen Tough Armor case

Spigen Tough Armor case - Samsung Galaxy S10 5G case

If you want a much more rugged Galaxy S10 5G case, then you might want to consider the Spigen Tough Armor case. It has three layers, a hard outer polycarbonate shell, an inner TPU layer, and foam inserts for the TPU section that are designed to disperse the shock of a fall evenly across the case. It meets the MIL-STD 810G-516.6 standard for ruggedness in terms of falls and spills but still has a relatively slim profile; it’s just 0.15 inches thick. Finally, it has a built-in kickstand for hands-free video and content viewing. The Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy S10 5G is available on Amazon for $18.99 in three colors; black, crown silver and royal gold.

Zizo Bolt case

Zizo Bolt - Samsung Galaxy S10 5G case

The Zizo Bolt case is another pretty rugged example among Galaxy S10 5G cases. It’s a dual-layer product, with a polycarbonate outer shell combined with an inner and softer Tetra Polyurethane inner layer. Combined, the two sections of this case offer shock-absorbing protection for the phone if it falls to the ground or on other surfaces. Not only does this case come with a built-in kickstand, but it also comes with a holster belt clip that rotates 360 degrees, in case you like keeping your phone attached to your belt. The case comes in several colors and color combinations, including all black, black with red highlights, red with black highlights, blue with black highlights, and gray with black highlights. It’s available on Amazon for just $18.99.

Case Mate Tough case and Sheer Crystal case

Case Mate Tough - Samsung Galaxy S10 5g case

Case-Mate has made a Samsung Galaxy S10 case that it claims can keep the phone safe even if it drops from a height of 10 feet. At the same time, this case has a slim profile that won’t bulk up the shape of the entire phone. The company is selling this particular case in two varieties; one has a smoke (black) color, while the other is a completely clear case that allows owners to see the phone completely. You can get both versions from Amazon for $14.99.

Caste Mate - Samsung Galaxy S10 5G cases

Case-Mate is also selling another Samsung Galaxy S10 5G that is called Sheer Crystal. It’s similar to the Clear case, except that it has glass crystal pieces embedded in the case material, so people who want some extra bling on their phone can get it. It’s on Amazon for just $9.99.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Anccer case


The folks at Anccer keep making these cool looking Galaxy S10 5G thin cases that still offer a degree of protection of scratches and small falls. The hardshell case has a smooth skin but is also designed to be gripped well in the hand. Best of all, this case has a ton of color options, including red, green, blue, rose gold, black, and gravel black. It’s available from Amazon for $12.99. The case also has a clear version as well which is priced at $11.99.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle case


Supcase has made a pretty rugged member of the Galaxy S10 5G cases family. Its Unicore Beetle product has a dual-layer hybrid back cover made of TPU and PC materials that are supposed to protect the phone from damage, even from falls as high as 20 feet. It also has a built-in kickstand that can be used either in portrait or landscape mode, and a belt-clip holster that attaches to the back of the case. Finally, there’s a separate front section of the case with elevated bezels to help protect the screen. The Supcase Unicorn Beetle for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is available from Amazon for $19.99.

FYY Wallet Case

FYY - Samsung Galaxy S10 5G cases

For those folks who want to use their Samsung Galaxy S10 5G cases for something other than protecting the phone, the FYY wallet case may be to your liking. It’s made of two layers of real leather. In between, there is an RFID material designed to keep your debit and credit cards that you put in the case safe from identity thieves. You can put up to three cards in the wallet case, and there’s another slot for paper money. The wallet case can also be converted into a kickstand as well. The case is available in black, red, blue, green, and brown colors. The FYY Samsung Galaxy S10 5G wallet case is available on Amazon for either $29.99 or $30.99, depending on your color choice.

Hyaizla case


If you want to get a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G case that’s high quality and also more affordable, the Hyaizla case is for you. The slim TPU case has a nice added feature; a circular magnetic iron plate that can attach to another magnetic car bracket (sold separately). The circular plate also has a ring that comes out and serves as a built-in kickstand for the case. It comes in four color choices; black, red, blue and a black case with a champagne ring color. Best of all, you can purchase the Hyaizla Samsung Galaxy S10 5G case for just $9.88 on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G VRS Wallet case


If you want a standard looking Samsung Galaxy S10 5G case that can also hold your credit or debit cards, check out the VRS wallet case. It actually has a slot inside the back of the case that can hold up to two cards, along with some paper money. That means you can quickly access your cards without a lot of fuss. The case itself is made of a single layer TPU material that still offers a lot of protection against drops and spills. The VRS Samsung Galaxy S10 5G case is available on Amazon for $17.99.

That’s our look at the best Samsung Galaxy S10 5G cases. Which one do you plan to purchase?