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9 best pill reminder apps for Android!

Taking medication is often necessary. Remembering to do so shouldn't be a hassle. Here are the best pill reminder apps!
June 8, 2021
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Taking medication is occasionally frustrating, but ultimately necessary. Thankfully, smartphones can make the experience a little easier. There are a variety of medication reminder apps out there. However, they all actually function the same way. You input your pills, how often you need to take them, and your pill schedule. From there, the apps remind you to take your pill at the proper time. Calendar apps and to-do list apps also work well for this kind of stuff if you want an app that can do stuff other than just remind you about your medicine. In any case, here are the best pill reminder apps for Android!
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Google Assistant

Price: Free

Google Assistant is an excellent app for reminders. You ask Assistant to remind you of stuff and then it does. This also works with other Google devices, including its Google Home devices. That means you can get notifications from your smart home speakers which is another layer on top of just your phone. Siri on Apple devices and Alexa on Amazon devices also work well for this. Simply ask the personal assistant to remind you to take the pills every day and they (usually) will.

Google App screenshot 2020

Google Calendar

Price: Free

Google Calendar is one of the more traditional pill reminder apps. It’s very similar to marking a paper calendar, except this one reminds you with beeps and vibrations. You simply create a calendar event, set it to repeat as often as needed, and then set it to remind you. The calendar does the rest. There are a variety of great calendar apps. However, they all integrate with Google Calendar, so we recommend you start with that one. It should also support an unlimited number of medications, an unlimited number of reminders, and it should let you create tasks until the end of time if you want.

Google Calendar screenshot 2021
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Just Reminder

Price: Free / $4.98

Just Reminder is another simple reminder app. This one is useful for a lot of stuff, including medication reminders. The app lets you create multiple reminders for multiple medications and includes a repeat function along with notification reminders. That should be about all that you need. The app also has features for backing up via SD card and Google Drive for when you switch your phone next. Finally, the also includes some security features. You can PIN lock the app so no one messes with your information. The app is mostly free with ads. You can remove the ads for $4.98.

Just Reminder screenshot 2020

Lady Pill Reminder

Price: Free

Lady Pill Reminder is an app specifically for birth control pills. The app includes an automatic reminder every day with some customization features. For instance, you can make the notification tone different so you know when it’s reminding you and not just another text message. All you need to do is put how many pills are in the packet and the time of day. The app does the rest after that. The notifications could be a little more discreet. Otherwise, this works pretty well for most people.

Lady Pill Reminder is one of the best medication reminder apps

Life Reminders

Price: Free

Life Reminders works a lot like Just Reminder. It’s a simple reminder app that just works. You create the reminder, add a time and a date, make it repeat, and set a notification reminder. After that, you should be all set for good. It also lets you setup multiple reminders for multiple medications or doses as you need. I know that seems silly, reading that over and over again, but many pill reminder apps don’t do that for some reason. In any case, this one is simple, free, and it works for most people. It also uses Material Design and it looks good.

Life Reminders is one of the best reminder apps
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Price: Free

Pill Reminder by MyTherapy is one of the few decent medication reminder apps with actual features for medicine. The app features pill reminders, medication tracking, support for a wide range of dosing schedules, and more. It also includes sharing features for your doctor and family. There is also a health journal to track things like mood, weight, blood pressure, and more. This is definitely one of the more hardcore pill reminder apps. We would recommend this to someone who has to take a lot of pills to stay healthy.

MyTherapy screenshot 2020

Pill Reminder by Medisafe

Price: Free / $4.99 per month / $39.99 per year

Pill Reminder by Medisafe is another great pill reminder app. It has a bunch of features, including medication reminders, prescription refill reminders, drug interactions, and it handles complicated dosing schedules admirably. Additionally, it lets you track various measurements like blood pressure, weight, glucose, etc. There is even Android Wear support as well as backup/restore functionality. It’s one of the more expensive medication reminder apps. It requires a $4.99 per month subscription (or a $39.99 per year subscription) for all of the features.

Simple Calendar Pro

Price: $0.99

Simple Calendar Pro is, well, a simple calendar app. It omits most of the flashy features in favor of a simple, easy experience. It requires no unnecessary permissions and contains no ads. That means it’s just you and your calendar. The app features support for 29 languages, backup and restore functionality, support for CalDAV calendar sync, and push notifications along with email reminders. We like recommending this one because there is no Internet connection. Thus, your medical information is a little safer on your device and it doesn’t require Internet to sync things. Of course, the app can sync to Outlook, Google Calendar, and other online sources if you want.

Simple Calendar Pro screenshot 2021
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Price: Free / $27.99 per year

TickTick is one of the best to-do list apps right now. It features a simple UI, repeating tasks, reminders, and a lot more. There are also organization features that let you separate your medication from other stuff that you might use the app for, like honey-do lists, groceries, etc. We really like this one because all of the features we mentioned don’t require the subscription. Thus, you can get your reminders and repeat all of your medication doses for free. It’s great for stuff like taking vitamins or maybe even birth control. 

TickTick screenshot 2021
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If we missed any great pill reminder apps or medication reminder apps, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!