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10 best pet apps for Android

Owning a pet is a rewarding experience, and these apps can help solve the challenges that arise.

Published onApril 25, 2022

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Owning a pet is a rewarding experience. They’re basically members of the family. Owning a pet hasn’t changed much in the last several hundred years. However, technology has made it a lot easier. There are tons of apps out there for pets. Most of them are goofy, fun stuff like camera apps, Twitter profiles, and games. There are a bunch of great apps for pet owners that are also highly functional. Here are the best pet apps for Android.

We also recommend microchipping your animal to find them if they’re lost. There aren’t any good pet finder apps available on mobile right now unless you purchase special GPS collars. Microchipping is universal and can help you find a lost pet.

The best pet apps for Android


Price: Free

11pets is an excellent app for pet owners. It manages all of the medical information for your pet. That includes medication reminders, food tracking, grooming, ear and teeth cleaning, various measurements like weight and height, and, of course, vaccinations. You can also get reminders for upcoming vet appointments. It keeps track of this stuff, so you don’t have to. It has the occasional bug, but nothing serious. The app is also completely free, with no in-app purchases or ads.

Amazon Shopping

Price: Free / $119.99 per year / $13.99 per month

Amazon is an excellent app for pet owners. You can find cages, litter boxes, treats, food, and all kinds of other stuff on Amazon. You also get the benefit of their reviews. Thus, you can see if the various things worked for other individuals as well. Pair that with a solid return policy, generally positive shipping experiences, and a large selection, and it’s hard not to recommend Amazon to people with pets. Of course, most pet owners already knew this stuff anyway.


Price: Free / Product prices vary

Chewy screenshot 2020

Chewy is another online shopping app for pet people. It boasts over 1,000 brands of various items, free shipping on some orders, and more. They have stuff for all kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, and others. They have a better selection of food than most pet stores. You can even schedule shipments of stuff for when you need them. The company actually offers discounts if you “auto-ship” on a schedule. We really liked that feature in our testing. There is very little wrong with this app and a lot of stuff they do right. It’s completely free to use like most shopping apps, and you get free shipping after any order of $50 or more.

Google Search

Price: Free

Google App screenshot 2020

There used to be a decent selection of pet poison and animal poison apps on the Play Store. However, most of them haven’t been updated in years and don’t run well on modern devices. Thus, if you fear your pet has ingested poison, the current best method is a simple Google Search. As a test, we asked Google about whether or not dogs could eat grapes, and we got a straight answer right away. If you want to explore Play Store offerings, APCC by ASPCA used to be the gold standard, and Vet CPD is pretty good as well. If either of those apps get updates, we’ll put them back on this list.


Price: Free / Varies

Rover - best pet apps for android

Rover is kind of like Airbnb for pets, but mostly dogs. You can find dog sitters in your area for your trips out of town, vacations, or other events where you won’t be home to take care of the dog. The service includes a messaging service so you can talk to the dog sitter as much as you want and a rating system to find the ones you want the most. The sitter can also send you photos over the app. It’s a great service for dog sitting. The only downside is the app sometimes has waves of bugs. For instance, at the time of this writing, people are having issues uploading photos to the app’s chat room. It’ll pass sooner or later, but it’s still a minor annoyance.


Price: Free

Pawprint screenshot 2020

Pawprint is a pet medical records tracker. You can input your animals, their microchip numbers, their medications (where necessary), their vet visits, and even their home of residence. The app also features reminders for certain tasks (like booster shots), original documents from vets, and more. Your pet’s vet has to be a part of the network for this to work, but it’s a simple app with a lot of functionality. The learning curve can be steep for some, but it’s not too big of a deal.


Price: Free

PetDesk screenshot 2020

PetDesk is very similar to 11pets. It lets you keep track of your pets health, medications, vaccinations, and other measurements and metrics. That includes reminders to get new vaccinations, an integrated to-do list app, a list of nearby animal hospitals and vets, and more. It’s an above-average one-stop-shop for pet owners. It should support most types of pets as well. The app is completely free, with no in-app purchases or advertisements that we could see.

Pet First Aid

Price: Free

Pet First Aid is a fairly basic app for pets. It’s an app that teaches things like pet CPR, how to dislodge something from a choking pet’s throat, and other such medical emergencies. The app covers a range of stuff, including smoke inhalation, bleeding, and more. The app doesn’t support a ton of pet types. However, it does cover the popular ones like dogs and cats. This is definitely one of the better pet apps that everyone should try.


Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $24.99 per year

Reddit screenshot 2021

Reddit is a decent resource for pet owners. There are a variety of subreddits for animal lovers. You can find the usual fare like pet photos and things like that. However, it is also an excellent source of advice and information from fellow pet owners. Of course, you should always seek veterinary help for serious things, but there are some great ideas for lesser things like potty training a ferret, behavioral tricks for your dogs, or other such things. There is an optional Reddit Gold subscription that removes ads and adds features. However, regular old Reddit should work for most people. There is also a healthy supply of third-party Reddit apps if you don’t like this one.

Veterinarian network apps

Price: Free (usually)

Many veterinarians are part of large networks. Those networks usually have apps. Some examples include Banfield and VitusVet. You can register your pets there and get a complete medical history on your pets at a glance. They’re also useful for scheduling vet appointments with vets in the network. This is a relatively newer thing. There aren’t a ton of examples yet. Plus, the apps all do slightly different things. However, those who use these networks should definitely have these apps.

If we missed any great pet apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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