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Panasonic is a fairly diverse electronics company. We initially wanted this list to be for Lumix owners much like our Nikon and Canon apps were. However, it turns out that most people looking for Panasonic apps have more in mind than just cameras. Thus, we have added a few additional apps to the list in order to help everybody that we can. Here are the best Panasonic apps for Android.

Adobe Lightroom

Price: Free / Up to $53.99 per month

Adobe Lightroom is one of the more popular photo editing apps for serious photographers. Panasonic makes some of the highest end cameras out there with the GH series. Lightroom is a good way to edit some of those photos on the go. It has support for RAW files, support for its desktop equivalent, and one-touch enhancements. Some image processing is only available on newer flagships. However, it’s good for most serious photo editing. Many cameras can transfer files to mobile now and that makes this good for editing on the fly.

Amazon Shopping

Price: Free

Amazon Shopping is a bit of a weak choice, we know. However, it’s actually pretty good for Panasonic camera owners. You can find a variety of lenses, accessories, and all kinds of other fun stuff. You can also find many other Panasonic gear like cameras, TVs, Blu-ray players, and other stuff like that. It’s a good place to window shop before going to brick-and-mortar stores. Amazon also has a fairly liberal return policy in case something doesn’t work out. Other excellent apps for this are Best Buy and Newegg. All of the apps are free. Obviously, stuff on them cost money.

Amazon is one of the best panasonic apps for android


Price: Free / Up to $11.99

AnyMote is one of the more unique Panasonic apps. It’s a universal remote app for your phone. Your phone needs an IR blaster. Additionally, your equipment needs an IR receiver. The app supports over 9,000 devices. That includes TVs, air conditioners, and all kinds of other electronics, many of which are made by Panasonic. It’s definitely worthy of a look if you want to control some of your Panasonic gadgets with your phone. It tends to work pretty well in our testing,

B&H Photo

Price: Free app / Item costs vary

B&H Photo is another online retailer that sells plenty of Panasonic products. It’s especially good for audio, video, and photography equipment. Like Amazon, their return policy is pretty decent just in case you don’t like what you buy. Additionally, the app is gorgeous. It’s among the best designs we’ve seen in a smartphone app. Their selections are good and the prices are generally reasonable. You can find a lot of Panasonic tech and accessories here.

B&H Photo - best panasonic apps

Cadrage Director’s Viewfinder

Price: $11.99

Cadrage Director’s Viewfinder isn’t one of the normal Panasonic apps. It’s a viewfinder app that helps you frame shots. It emulates cameras and various lenses. You can plan your shots before setting up your camera. It is compatible with a ton of cameras, including most Nikon, Canon, RED, and Panasonic cameras. That includes the GH4, GH5, and some other Panasonic cameras and camcorders. The app seems to either work perfectly or not at all for most folks. Thus, we recommend checking it within the refund time to make sure it works for you.

Cadrage Director's Viewfinder - best panasonic apps


Price: Free

HyperFocal Pro is another Panasonic camera app. It works a lot like most DSLR style tools. You can keep track of your calculations, camera settings, and more. The developer updates the app consistently. That means it should include the latest Lumix cameras. You can also set up profiles for quick reference later. Basically, it lets you remember your camera settings for various scenes or locations where you shot for quick future reference. Thus, it’s not the most complex app out there, but it should work great for photographers. It’s also entirely free with no in-app purchases or advertising.

HyperFocal Pro - best panasonic apps

IP Camviewer for Panasonic

Price: Free / $7.99

This is a niche app for a very specific type of Panasonic camera. We’re not talking about Lumix cameras, but rather IP cameras made by Panasonic. These are usually used as security cameras or other such use cases. It lets you remote control the cameras, view what they see, and it loads rather quickly. The Google Play listing shows all of the Panasonic cameras that work with this app and the list is surprisingly expansive. The developers guarantee that the app works with each model listed in the Play description. It does get a bit expensive at $7.99, though.

Magic Lumix ViewFinder

Price: Free / $1.59

Magic Lumix ViewFinder is like a cheaper version of Cadrage. It’s a good Panasonic camera app. It emulates Lumix cameras and lenses with the camera on your phone. You can use the app to frame shots and scout locations before setting up your actual camera gear. It’s compatible with many Lumix cameras, including most of the GH line. It also allows you to store additional data like focal length and the like. It’s not perfect, but it should do nicely for most. It’s one of the better Panasonic apps.

Remote Control for Panasonic

Price: Free

Twinone Universal Remote is another excellent app for Panasonic device owners. This one works with most TVs, cable boxes, and more. That includes Panasonic products. It’s also good to have around for other devices too, like hotel room TVs. It has a simple interface. The set up should be fairly simple as well. After that, you can control your TV or whatever from your phone. This one hasn’t been updated in a few years now. Thus, we only recommend this one to people using older devices with IR blasters. Otherwise, we recommend Anymote.

Remote Control for Panasonic apps screenshot

Official Panasonic apps

Price: Free (usually)

Panasonic is probably the best supplier of Panasonic apps. It has dedicated Panasonic camera apps for its Lumix lineup of cameras along with apps for its TVs, Blu-Ray players, and more. Some of them are actually pretty decent. Most of them are rather hit or miss, though. It all really depends on what you need. Their TV remote and Blu-Ray remote apps aren’t so great. However, their Lumix apps are actually fairly decent and work pretty well. Admittedly, we couldn’t test all of them because many of them require specific hardware, but the ones we tested were good enough most of the time.. We recommend checking out Panasonic’s offerings before looking elsewhere.

Best panasonic apps

If we missed any great Panasonic apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.

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