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Most serious photographers have DSLR cameras. They’re the current gold standard in photography. You can get buy various cameras and lenses. It can be expensive, but worth it. However, you can expand the experience even further using apps. There aren’t a bunch of really good options, but what’s there isn’t too bad. Here are the best DSLR apps for Android!

Adobe Lightroom

Price: Free / Up to $52.99 per month

One of the best tools for a photographer is a good photo editor app. Adobe Lightroom is among the best. The mobile version has a lot of the same features as the desktop version. That includes support for RAW photos, the ability to easily revert back to the original if needed, and more. You can also send the files to your desktop version if needed. Most of the features in the app are free. However, you can get more features if you’re an existing Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber. It’s pretty good for serious photography.

Camera Connect

Price: Free / Up to $5.99

Camera Connect and Control is one of several DSLR apps that let you control your camera. It supports a variety of cameras from Nikon, Canon, Sony, and GoPro. You can connect over WiFi or USB (depending on your camera). The app also lets you load your images to your phone. It also supports tethered shooting. There are some additional features for those who buy the pro versions. The lite pro version removes ads and gives you access to EXIF data. The full pro version gives you even more. It does have some bugs, though.

Camera Remote Control

Price: Free

Camera Remote Control is another DSLR controller app. It only works with devices that have an IR blaster along with cameras that have IR sensors. It’s a very basic little app. It comes with a shutter button as well as a timer. You can even set multiple timers in case you’re using photography bulbs. All you need is the IR blaster on your phone and your camera. It’s a convenient, simple solution for people who have those two things. It’s also free to use, although it’s not compatible with all devices at the time of this writing. Helicon Remote is another interesting app in this space, but it’s really expensive and only works on Nikon cameras.

Camera Remote Control - best DSLR apps

HyperFocal Pro

Price: Free

HyperFocal Pro is a reference guide for photographers. It shows you calculations to achieve the best focus. It’ll show you the optimal ranges for focus depending on your subject, distance, camera, and glass. Additionally, it supports most cameras. It’ll also show data for depth of field, angle of view, and field of view stats. The design is easy to read as well. The app is free with no in-app purchases and also no advertising. It’s a good little app to have for most beginner and intermediate photographers.

HyperFocal Pro - best DSLR apps

Magic Viewfinder apps

Price: Free / Varies

Magic Viewfinder is a family of DSLR apps. They don’t connect to cameras or control them. Instead, they help you plan shoots and see how your camera would do. It emulates your camera and lens set up. Thus, you can do things like framing without having your actual gear on you. There is an app for several manufacturer brands, including Canon, Nikon, Lumix, Sony, and others. They are all free to download with inexpensive in-app purchases to unlock all of the features. They’re not necessarily the most useful apps, but they can be helpful in some scenarios.


Price: $8.66

qDslrDashboard is a DSLR app that either works amazingly or doesn’t work at all, it seems. The app works for Canon, Nikon, and Sony mirrorless cameras. The app has an exhaustive laundry list of features, including multiple camera support, the ability to view and pull photos off of a camera, time lapse controls, wireless controls, and more. It also works over USB-OTG if you need to go the wired route. It’s not compatible with all cameras and many people have reported connection issues and other various bugs. Given its price tag, we imagine that’s why the rating is a bit lower than we’d normally see. In any case, if you try this, make sure to give it as thorough a testing as you can inside of the refund period, just in case.

qDslrDashboard is one of the best DSLR apps for android

Smart IR Remote

Price: Free / $6.99

Smart IR Remote is mostly for TVs and other home electronics. However, there are some cameras with IR receivers. There is an immediate caveat with this one. Your device needs an IR blaster on the phone or this remote app won’t work at all. Otherwise, it should work with almost anything with an IR receiver, and that does include some DSLR cameras and camera remotes. There isn’t an easy list to reference as to what cameras work with this one. We recommend downloading the free version of the app and see if it works with your camera. The pro version is rather expensive, but it’s probably the best IR remote app on Google Play so, you know, you get what you pay for.


Price: Free

Snapseed is a photo editor app by Google. It’s a totally free photo editor app with a lot of desirable features. That includes support for RAW files. The app also has 29 other editing tools. All of them have sliders to change their intensity for finer control. It can also do the basic stuff like white balance, crop, and more. It isn’t quite as powerful as something like Lightroom (desktop) or Photoshop, but this is probably as good as it gets on mobile.

best DSLR apps - Snapseed

Manufacturer DSLR apps

Price: Free (usually)

Most camera manufacturers have DSLR apps for their cameras. Canon, Sony, Nikon, Lumix, and others have official apps meant to be used with their specific cameras. These usually aren’t the best apps. If they were, this list would be unnecessary and you wouldn’t be here. They can offer basic functionality though, including shooting pictures, downloading images to your phone, and other simple stuff. The apps can be pretty decent depending on your needs. They are also generally free. We recommend trying your camera’s official app (if it has one and it is compatible) before diving into the other ones, just in case.

best DSLR apps

DSLR shopping apps

Price: Free

There are a lot of apps that sell various DSLR cameras and accessories. Some examples include B&H Photo Video (linked at the button), Amazon Shopping (Google Play link), and Newegg (Google Play link). However, you can also find some neat stuff on sites like eBay if you want a new piece of glass or some lightly used accessories. Plus, those are excellent places to find lighting, filters, camera bags, cleaning supplies, and other things to make your photography life better. Hit all the links to check out the various apps.

B&H Photo - best panasonic apps

If we missed any great DSLR apps, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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