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OnePlus 7T using in hand on table - best OnePlus 7T cases

The OnePlus 7T brings everything that makes the OnePlus 7 Pro great to a more affordable price point. Not only is the 7T one of the best premium mid-range smartphones you can buy, but it also gives 2019 flagships that cost a lot more a run for their money. If you’ve just bought the phone, you’ll want to keep it safe from accidents. Here are some of the best OnePlus 7T cases you can buy right now!

The best OnePlus 7T cases:

Editor’s note: We will continue to update this list of the best cases for the OnePlus 7T as more become available.

1-2. OnePlus bumper case

official karbon bumper caseOnePlus

The official bumper cases for the OnePlus 7T is the more protective of the two types of cases the company makes. It gives you complete all-round coverage with raised bezels, covered buttons, and precise cutouts for the alter slider, charging port, and rear camera. A couple of variants of the OnePlus bumper case are available. The first is a silicone and polycarbonate case, while the second comes with a more impact-resistant kevlar and TPU build.

3-4. OnePlus protective case

sandstone and karbon protective oneplus 7t casesOnePlus

The OnePlus 7T protective case is basically a thin-fit hard shell cover. It’s not the most protective, with exposed buttons and an open top and bottom. However, a raised lip, protected corners, and solid build quality mean that these cases should be able to handle a bump. Two variants of the OnePlus protective case are available. The first is a polycarbonate cover with a sandstone finish, while the other is a lighter kevlar case.

5. SLEO transparent TPU case

sleo transparent tpu case for the oneplus 7t

The SLEO TPU case for the OnePlus 7T is transparent and lets you show off the beautiful colorway of the phone. The case comes with reinforced corners to provide better drop protection, and a raised lip and covered buttons help keep it safe as well. Precise cutouts are available for easy access to everything else.

6. Spigen Liquid Air

spigen liquid air armor thin fit case

The Air is an excellent thin and light case from Spigen that’s form-fitted to maintain a slim profile. A patterned back with an anti-slip matte finish helps with the grip and it utilizes air cushion technology for impact resistance. A slightly raised lip keeps the display and rear camera safe as well.

7. Ringke Fusion-X

ringke fusion-x oneplus 7t case

The Ringke Fusion-X comes with a dual-layer design that gives the device a MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certification for drop protection. The hard polycarbonate back is transparent and lets you show off the color and design of the phone. A raised lip keeps the display and the rear camera safe, while the sides and corners are reinforced with a TPU bumper for added drop protection. You also get a built-in lanyard hole to connect wrist and neck-straps.

8. Spigen Rugged Armor

best oneplus 7t cases - spigen rugged armor

The Spigen Rugged Armor is one of the best OnePlus 7T cases you can buy. It offers excellent protection without adding too much bulk or thickness by utilizing air cushion technology and a spider-web pattern on the inside for shock dispersion. A raised lip keeps the display, camera, and fingerprint scanner safe and you also get covered buttons.

9. Poetic Revolution

poetic revolution ultra-rugged protection for the oneplus 7t

The Poetic Revolution offers complete protection with its anti-scratch polycarbonate backplate, a thick TPU bumper, reinforced corners, a built-in screen protector, and covered ports and buttons. It features a MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certification for impact-resistance. The case also comes with a kickstand that lets you prop up the phone in landscape or portrait.

10. Otterbox Symmetry

otterbox symmetry

If you’re looking for a clear case that lets you show off the phone while also providing rugged protection for the OnePlus 7T, the Otterbox Symmetry is a great choice. It offers the level of safety that we expect from Otterbox cases while allowing you to show off the design of the phone from all angles. This is the most expensive case on this list, but it’s worth it to keep your phone safe.

That’s it for this roundup of some of the best protective cases and covers you can get right now for the OnePlus 7T!

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