…. Nvidia Shield, hands down. Unless it isn’t.

Confused? The reality is that different media players make sense for different people. Our sister site DGIT pitted the Nvidia Shield TV against the Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku family, and FireTV family. We factored in all sorts of angles like pricing, apps, user interface and more. DGIT’s tests concluded with a three way tie between Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, and the Roku Stick+.

Being that you are at an Android site, we’re going to say that for the vast majority of you, the NVIDIA Shield would be the ‘absolute best’. And the Apple TV might be one of the worst, considering it’s not designed with the Android ecosystem in mind.

Want to learn more about how Evan reached his conclusions? Be sure to check out the video below, or get an even more detailed look at media streamers at DGIT.com. 

Keep in mind that the DGIT team is all about finding the best out of the box solutions for everyday consumers, and not just us tech geeks. For those that are more ‘hardcore’ techies, devices like the Amazon FireTV family and NVIDIA Shield TV allow for the most flexibility when it comes to installing 3rd party software like Kodi.

What do you think of Evan’s selections? Agree with his reasoning? If not, tell us what you would have crowned as the top three media streaming devices.