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10 best hurricane tracking apps and other helpful apps for hurricanes

Hurricanes are about the only bad reason to live on a coast, so people have to deal with them often. Check here for the best hurricane tracker apps and all-around general best hurricane apps for Android!
January 5, 2021
Windy best hurricane apps
Hurricanes are about the only bad reason to live on a coastline. That’s probably why so many people live there and why they deal with hurricanes. Hurricanes are fairly common phenomenon, especially in tropical or tropical-adjacent regions of the world. They go by a few different names, but they’re all the same type of storm with heavy winds, heavy rains, and a characteristic eye in the center of the storm. If one is on your way, hopefully one of these excellent hurricane apps can help. Please stay safe!

1Weather, along with most weather apps, work well for basic hurricane information. Most of them have weather radars with a zoom function. You can see where the storm is and where it’s headed. Additionally, these apps usually send severe weather alerts, precipitation estimates, and stuff like that. They don’t function great as a dedicated hurricane tracker, but they will let you know if you actually need one well in advance. 1Weather is one of our favorite weather apps because of its non-subscription price tag and simple, effective UI. You can try it at the button above. Those looking for other weather apps can hit our link for it in the little widget thing under the first paragraph.


Price: Free

The FEMA app is fairly decent for upcoming disasters. The app alerts you when new things are happening. You can also upload photos to help with FEMA’s disaster report. Additionally, the app can help organize an emergency kit, create rendezvous points in case of separation, and other emergency tips and tools. The video below shows you how to find disaster resources, contact shelters, and more. It’s usable basically all the time. You can get alerts of potential hurricane activity well in advance of the storm with enough time to prepare. However, one of the biggest complaints with this app is its issue with sending those alerts. Still, it’s helpful.

Hurricane Impact

Price: Free

Hurricane Impact is an above average hurricane tracker app. It delivers the most important information such as wind speed, pressure data, a weather radar, path predictions, and additional details. People also seem to really enjoy the live cameras of the storm as its happening. That’s also a great way to see if the wind is picking up speed or if the storm has officially hit land yet. The UI of this app leaves a lot to be desired. However, its functionality doesn’t and that’s what really matters here. It doesn’t have a lot of downloads. However, this app has exited and entered the Play Store a few different times. We assure you, it’s a lot better than it looks.

Hurricane Impact - best new android apps

Hurricane Tracker

Price: $3.99

Hurricane Tracker is another competent tracker app. You get all of the features with this one. That includes push notification alerts, over 65 radar maps, weather info from several weather organizations, a bunch of analysis from meteorologists, and then your basic info like wind speed, etc. Simply put, this things throws enough information at you about any given storm to write a research paper on it for college. The UI is acceptable and we have no real problems with it. You can also set regions for notification alerts. In other words, you can basically pick the coastline you are actually near. It runs for $3.99 as an up-front cost. We might have liked a free demo version, but it is what it is. Make sure to try it out within the refund time!

Hurricane Tracker - best hurricane apps


Price: Free

Google Maps is an essential resource for disasters. It provides directions out of the path in case of an evacuation. The app can also help find alternate routes if the highways are clogged up. It also has a long list of local businesses, shelters, police and fire departments, sheriff’s offices, and other resources that can help. That includes location, directions, phone numbers, hours of operation, and more. It seems like an obvious choice, but sometimes the obvious choice is the correct one. Google Maps can definitely help out during a hurricane. We don’t think anyone would argue that.

Google Maps screenshot for the best parking apps

SeaStorm Hurricane Tracker is another excellent storm tracker app. It rests somewhere between Hurricane Impact and Hurricane Tracker from above. The app gives you a quick overview of any given storm along with advisory and expert analysis information. Some other features include sea surface temperature, tropical surface analysis, and more. The app is also useful for surfers, beach goers, and other situations. You can find things like wave height, seven day forecasts, and surfer friendly details like peak wave period. It costs $1.99 up front with no free demo version. Thus, we recommend trying it within the refund time!

SeaStorm Hurricane Tracker screenshot 2020

The Weather Channel apps

Price: Free / Varies

The Weather Channel is a great resource for weather info. The main app does the weather basics like forecast, temperature, radar, and other stuff. It also has weather news. Hurricanes are usually the headlines when they’re around so it’s easy to find news and analysis about each one. It’s a good spot for in-depth analysis and predictions about whatever hurricane is happening. There is also a second app specifically for hurricane tracking (Storm Radar). It has a radar specifically for storm tracking along with other information. Both apps are completely free to download and use. Hit the download button to check out both.

Storm Radar screenshot 2020


Price: Free / Optional donations

Windy is one of the more unique hurricane tracker apps. It’s a map with wind information. You can see where wind is going, where it’s swirling, and the resulting weather patterns. It’s not necessarily for hurricanes, but it’s definitely useful when tracking one. You can get forecast models from NEMS, ICON, and NAM all at once along with 35 total layers for the radar. This is also one of the few that should work well in most parts of the world. It’s supported in about 40 other languages and, as we mentioned, it sources weather data from various places around the world. The app is entirely free. Those who really like it can donate with a one-time donation or a subscription style donation package. However, that doesn’t unlock any features, it’s entirely optional.

Windy screenshot 2020

Zello PTT Walkie Talkie

Price: Free / $0.99

Zello Walkie Talkie made a big splash during Hurricane Harvey. A lot of rescue crews used it to communicated with one another and with disaster victims with great success. Many major blogs and sites wrote about it, including us. That only helped balloon the app’s popularity. We’ll pile on that further. When it comes to communication, it helps when everyone’s on the same page. The app supports push-to-talk and works great as a walkie talkie. It also supports chatrooms with up to 2,500 participants. It’s free to use with an optional $0.99 in-app purchase. There are public and private channels as well. We imagine if this gets big during a hurricane again, it’ll be because of the public channel functionality. Hit the button to learn more on Zello’s official website (don’t worry, they didn’t sponsor this article). The app is easy enough to find on the Play Store. Just search for Zello.

Zello PTT Walkie Talkie screenshot 2021
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Your local news app or radio stations

Price: Free

Keeping yourself informed is very important during emergencies. National news outlets aren’t going to have the level of detail and frequency of updates as your local news will (most of the time). Local radio, TV, and news apps should have up to date weather updates, evacuation details, shelter information, and more. We have a list of radio apps just below this box. That way you can listen on your phone. You have to search Google Play for your local news app.

10TV WBNS screenshot 2021
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

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