best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)
CyanogenMod is the most popular third party ROM of all time. People actually buy phones with the sole intention of rooting them and installing CyanogenMod. One of the big reasons for this are the exhaustive number of themes available using CM’s theme engine which is something you can’t find anywhere else. It’s one of the most unique features in all of Android and really helps with customization. In this roundup, we’ll look at the best CyanogenMod themes by developer. Each developer has at least several great themes worth checking out!

93akkrod best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)93Akkord

[Price: Varies]
93Akkord currently have four CM themes in the Play Store and they’re for CM11 and CM12. They include Dark Holo (CM111 and CM12), Dark Holo Red, and Dark Holo 5.0. These are a fairly basic set of themes but are great for those looking for something darker or something red. Three of them are $0.99 or $1.00 with a free version of Dark Holo available for CM11.

93akkord best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)

dustinb best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)dustinb

[Price: Varies]
If you’re looking for a metric ton of options, dustinb’s library is exactly that. There are roughly a dozen themes that span CM9, CM10, and CM11. Unlike others, there is a bit more color included in these themes, including some more unusual color combinations and options. It may be too colorful for some minimalists, but generally the combinations are done very tastefully. Most themes have a free and paid version so you can try them before you buy them. There are also a lot of themes for various launchers and GO apps.

dustinb best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)

giannisgx89 best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)giannisgx89

[Price: Free / $1.50]
For those looking for something a little lighter and more colorful, giannisgx89 has some good options fo ryou. Included in this collection is the highly rated and somewhat popular Flux and Liv themes along with Yoma and Trix. These themes have a generally lighter look that include white menus with colorful trim and icons. Not everyone likes black and those people should definitely look at this collection.

giannisgx89 best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)

idea designs best cyanogenmod themes (by developer)Idea Designs

[Price: Varies]
Idea Designs has a number of themes including DarkOut (CM12), Pury, Dusk, Kaagaz, and Britzer. The themes vary greatly between dark and light so there should be something there that’s interesting for just about anyone. The themes are also fairly cheap and there are accompanying icon packs for a few of them that you can purchase separately.

idea designs best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)

joshuas_79 best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)joshuas_79

[Price: Varies]
This collection contains a lot of themes for a lot of apps, including ADW, Apex, and CyanogenMod 9, 10, and 11. Some of the options include Barcelona, Berlin, Noir, Cosmopolitan, and many others. The prices vary but most fall into the $1-$3 range. There are some unique themes that don’t quite fall into the category of light or dark. Except the Noir theme, that’s definitely dark. This is a good collection to check out if you’re running an older device with an older version of CyanogenMod.

kohlerwrrk best cyanogenmod themes (by developer)Kohlerwrrk

[Price: Free / $1.07 / $1.71]
Kohlelrwrrk is a newer themer and has hit the ground running with CyanogenMod 13. Currently, the developer has four CM12 and CM13 themes including Coalfield, Outray, SolidAlpha, and Outlite. The themes are minimal, but effective and run the range between dark and light themes. Coalfield and SolidAlpha seem to do the most theming with the other two being more minimal with small visual tweaks. They’re inexpensive and good if you want something subtle but solid.

kohlerwrrk best cyanogenmod themes (by developer)

mike xdnax best cyanogenmod themes (by developer)Mike xdnax

[Price: Free / $1.21]
Mike xdnax is another newer developer that hit the ground running for CM13. Mike has four total themes, all of which fall under the Faded series which different colors depending on which one you want. They are all dark themes with a splash of color and you can pick from blue, red, green, or gold. The blue version is free while the other three carry a $1.21 price tag. They look good and they’re definitely worth checking out if you like darker themes.

mike xdnax best cyanogenmod themes (by developer)

mindesigns best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)MinDesigns

[Price: Free]
MinDesigns has four CM 11 themes and they all fall under the IdeaL name. The themes are Lollipop inspired and very colorful as MinDesigns chooses to let app colors shine through rather than trying to theme to a single color. If you like Material Design, these are great themes to use and you can find them in light, dark, and neutral categories. MinDesigns also has a couple of Zooper Widget skins if you’re into that.

mindesigns best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)

nikolai prettner best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)Nikolai Prettner

[Price: Varies]
Nikolai Prettner has a metric ton of CyanogenMod themes. You can find dark, light, and neutral flavors including the highly rated Hydra, Kreatur, and Slim UI themes. You can also find two-tone (light/dark and one color) or multi-color themes and none of them cost less than $2.90. There are easily more than a dozen themes overall. They also range from CM 11 to CM 12.1 which makes them great options for newer devices running newer versions of CM.

nucleoid best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)Nucleoid

[Price: Varies]
Nucleoid is best known for the “Pop” series of themes, including Blue Pop, Violet Pop as well as the Kojak themes, which come in far more colors. You can also find a bare bones Lollipop theme for those who want to keep it stock. The themes also come in both dark and light which should help match most tastes with the only downside being that there are no free versions to try. The themes are predominately CM12.1 with some CM11 themes in there as well.

per lycke best cyanogenmod themes (by developer)Per Lycke

[Price: $1.60 each]
Per Lycke is a third developer that seems to have started theming for CM13. All three themes that are available from Per Lycke support CM12 and CM13. You’ll find Swift Dark, Swift Style, and just plain Swift. Swift Dark is, as you’d imagine, a dark theme as is Swift Style. The regular Swift theme is a lighter theme. They are all very minimal and you won’t find a whole lot of changes, but they are solid and they look great.

per lycke best cyanogenmod themes (by developer)

sonny sekhon best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)Sonny Sekhon

[Price: Varies]
Sonny Sekhon has been a big time themer for a long time. Included in this collection is a truly wild and bizarre mix of themes, including Vivid, Lucid, and Lumin themes. The themes are generally high contrast with a lot of color use so this is definitely not for those who like a clean, two-tone look. There are also a bunch of themes for launchers if you use Apex or GO apps. The majority of the themes are for CM11.

sonny sekhon best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)

thoughtlesskyle best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)Thoughtlesskyle

[Price: Free / $1.00]
Thoughtlesskyle as three themes available and they are the Gemini theme, Tigers Eye theme, and Roam theme. All three are CM12 themes which should support the majority of devices right now. All three are actually fairly light themes, with Roam being mostly stock Android, Tigers Eye being stock with a splash of red, and Gemini being stock with a splash of blue. They’re subtle and they look good. They’re also inexpensive.

thoughtlesskyle best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)

vicino best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)Vicino

[Price: Free]
Vicino is most likely known for the Lime series of CyanogenMod themes, the Flatron themes, and the Bluemoon theme. The Lime series are dark themes with splashes of color depending on which one you choose. The Flatron series isn’t as highly rated but is a decent looking matte theme with Bluemoon rounding out the selections. This is definitely the best option for those rocking older devices with CM10, CM10.1, and CM10.2.

vicino best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)

zyxxeil best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)Zyxxeil

[Price: Free / $0.99]
Zyxxeil is an up and coming themer with two very highly rated CyanogenMod themes in Elexium and Zyxx (both for CM12). Elexium is a minimal-style theme and Zyxxeil has stated that the purpose was to show minimalism where needed and color where needed. Zyxx is another theme that is a very lightly themed stock Android that’s supposed to enhance the look without taking it over. The free versions have everything and the donate versions are there if you want to donate to the developer. We recommend that you do so more of these themes come out. Zyxxeil also has a newer theme called Volt, which is a CM12 and CM13 theme.

zyxxeil best CyanogenMod themes (by developer)

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