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Best apps on Play Pass: 10 great apps at a bargain price

Play Pass includes hundreds of apps, so we picked out the best of the best for productivity and more!

Published onOctober 5, 2019

Google Play Pass in Hand

When Google announced that Play Pass would have over 350 apps and games, the number was almost too good to believe. And in a way, it was. Many of the apps on the subscription service are hardly worth the space on your phone, but we scoured the list to find the 10 best apps on Play Pass so you can skip right to the good stuff.

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The list is a mix of premium apps and free apps with ads removed and all in-app-purchases unlocked. We tried to pick a good variety of apps, so there’s sure to be something of value on the list for just about anyone.

Best apps on Play Pass

Note: We’ll frequently update this list as more great apps join Play Pass in the future.

1. Daylio

Daylio best diary app google play pass

The first app on our list has been around for a few years, but it’s an invaluable tool for people with mood disorders. Daylio can be used like a regular diary app, with daily journals or notes kept bundled together, but what really sets it apart is the ability to save moods and behaviors. This makes it easy to keep track of your emotional wellbeing over months and years to come.

Daylio is a free app, but the Play Pass version unlocks all of the premium features, including additional moods, goals, and other goodies.

2. Voice Recorder Pro

Voice Recorder Pro

Simple recording apps are infinitely useful, and if your phone didn’t come pre-loaded with one you should try out Voice Recorder Pro. It’s one of a few recording apps on Play Pass, and it offers HD recording with no limits other than how much storage space you have on your device.

The Play Pass version of the app removes all ads, providing a simple and easy voice recording experience.

3. Tasker

Tasker app

Tasker is a staple app for anyone looking to do more with their Android device, so it’s an easy pick for the best apps on Play Pass. It allows you to automate just about any task on your device, from creating automated time cards for work or school to controlling new Android 10 dark mode settings by time of day.

If you’re willing to put in the time, the sky’s the limit with this app. Check out our intro to using Tasker for details, with tons of step by step guides on how to set up basic automations.

4. Rain Sounds – Sleep and Relax

Rain Sounds sleep and relax

Getting a good night sleep is getting harder and harder these days, and sometimes you need something to drown out your neighbor’s dog (or your own thoughts). Rain Sounds is one of a few background noise apps on Play Pass, and it does exactly what it says on the box: Play rain sounds to help you relax and fall asleep.

There are more than a dozen tracks to choose from, from light rain to a full-on thunderstorm. Check it out ad-free on Play Pass.

5. Moon+ Reader Pro

Moon reader is the best ereader app on Play Pass

If you’re a heavy reader you’re in luck because Moon+ Reader Pro is one of the best ereader apps on Android, and it’s included in Google Play Pass. Not only does it work great for reading books, the pro version allows you to open and manipulate PDF files, which is great for productivity on the go.

Moon+ Reader Pro is normally $5 on the Play Store, but you can try it out now with Play Pass. 

6. Unified Remote Full

Unified Remote Full play pass app

Don’t you hate it when you’re watching a movie with your computer connected to your TV, and you have to stand up to pause it? Unified Remote Full solves that problem and then some. It allows you to use your phone as a remote control for your PC, with native support for more than 90 programs.

It’s perfect for Spotify, iTunes, Plex, VLC, PPT, or even Chrome with mouse and keyboard support. Even better, it’s fully customizable and works with PC, Mac, and Linux. The standalone purchase is about $5 (there’s also a free ad-supported version), so try out this great app now on Play Pass.

7. Photo Studio Pro

Photo Studio Pro

Photo Studio Pro is one of the best apps on Play Pass for touching up your pictures on the go. The pro version is fully featured, with options to add more than 200 unique filters or manually retouch photos with a number of standard photo editing tools.

If you like posting photos on social media, Photo Studio Pro is perfect for you. It’s normally $7.99, which is four months of Play Pass if you take advantage of the first year offer.

8. Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is one of the most powerful painting apps on the Play Store, with hundreds of brush presets, layers, advanced tools, and a simple interface. If you are a digital artist or just dabble in sketching, you’ll find countless hours of fun with this app.

Like other drawing apps, Infinite Painter is best used with a stylus on a large phone like the Note 10 Plus or any Android tablet.

9. Business Calendar Pro

Business Calendar Pro

A good calendar app is key to keeping track of your schedule, and Business Calendar Pro is one of the best around. It has all of the features you’d want from a calendar app, plus flexible and robust widgets so you can stay on top of your appointments without even opening the app.

There is a free ad-supported version of Business Calendar, and the standalone pro version is around $5.

10. To Do List

To Do List is one of the best to do list apps on Play Pass

To Do List is the app for people who are forgetful. If you find yourself struggling to keep track of what you were supposed to be doing at any point in your work day, a simple list will work wonders for your productivity. This particular to do list app offers all the basics plus widgets, voice commands, and more.

The premium version normally costs about $3, but you can pick it up now as part of Play Pass at the link below.

That’s it for our list of the best apps on Play Pass. There are hundreds more apps to choose from, so let us know if you have any other favorites!

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