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Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks on the planet. It’s the de facto place for people to share pictures of almost everything. Some people really like the idea, but not the app itself. Thankfully, at this point, there are plenty of alternatives. We focused mostly on the ability to share photos publicly to a large audience. Here are the best apps like Instagram!

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Price: Free

Facebook and Instagram share a lot of the same features. You can share images, add filters, and more. You can even add Stories that expire after 24 hours. The stories feature allows you to use both video and photo content. Both allow you to go live. However, Facebook has an edge in popularity, proliferation, and it has its own messenger service. Facebook owns both companies also. Thus, the similarities are understandable. You can also log into Instagram with your Facebook account and that’s helpful. Facebook is definitely among the best apps like Instagram.

Facebook - best apps like Instagram


Price: Free

Flickr was one of the original apps like Instagram. It’s a bit of a hybrid service. You can use it to store photos like cloud storage. People also have the option to share their photos to the public. The public can then interact with them. It’s not as vibrant as Instagram is. You can’t do stories or post live video. Hashtags don’t have the same power they do on Instagram. They do let you upload photos in full resolution, though. So that’s a plus.

Flickr - best apps like Instagram

Google Photos

Price: Free

Google Photos isn’t a social network like Instagram. However, you can store your photos and videos there and share them with friends and family rather easily. Plus, Google Photos has all manner of customizations, filters, and some other fun little features as well. It doesn’t have the same allure of Instagram and you definitely won’t get Internet famous with Google Photos. However, if you just want a platform to upload your photos for quick sharing, this works just fine. Plus, you get infinite photo and video storage as long as you don’t mind Google lowering the quality by a very small amount.

Google Photos - best apps like instagram

Imgur and Reddit

Price: Free

Imgur is a lot like Flickr, but more popular. You can upload an unlimited number of photos. Photos are shareable to the Imgur community or on other websites. Some sites, like Reddit, even prefer Imgur links. The app itself allows you to upload your stuff. You can also browse stuff that other people have uploaded. It’s a great place to find random stuff. People post memes, photos, wallpapers, funny content, and all kinds of other stuff. Much like Flickr, the feature set isn’t quite as robust as Instagram. Still, it’s one of the better apps like Instagram. Reddit is an obvious choice as well.

Imgur - best apps like instagram


Price: Free

Adding Instagram to this list is a weak pick. We know. However, it does have a lot in common with other apps like Instagram. You can post photos, do live video, post stories that delete after 24 hours, and more. That was a little tongue-in-cheek. We apologize. Those looking at this list are looking for good Instagram alternatives. However, Instagram’s experience is difficult to emulate. Those who only have a few superficial problems with Instagram may as well stick with this one. Plus, you don’t get Internet famous with most of these other apps.

Instagram - best apps like instagram


Price: Free

Pinterest is another weaker option when it comes to apps like Instagram. However, it fits the mold in a lot of ways. You can upload pictures of a variety of things and talk more about it. It’s not a social media service in the traditional sense. However, it’s a good spot for things like food, fashion, and similar interests. There is a strong photo element. Aside from that, they’re two different experiences. We said it was a weak pick and we weren’t kidding. It’s still a great app for sharing photos of stuff. You just have to go an extra mile with it too.

Pinterest - best apps like Instagram


Price: Free

Snapchat is one of Instagram’s main competitors. It makes sense that it’s on a list like this. It’s a camera-first app that lets you message people with photo and video. You can also post stories that last for 24 hours. It also has augmented reality features and filters. You can’t post anything permanently there like on Instagram. It lets you create your own emoji, though. It’s definitely among the best apps like Instagram.

Tusky for Mastodon

Price: Free

Mastodon is a newer social network. . That means you can make individual servers based on your interests. There are servers for things like photography, tech, and all kids of other stuff. It’s a basic social site for now. You can’t do a lot of the same stuff as you can on other networks. There aren’t a ton of people there yet, either. It does have a lot of interesting people. The premise and idea is fresh and different as well. Tusky for Mastadon is an app that helps you use the network, similar to how Reddit had third party apps for all those years before it got its own official app.

Tusky for Mastodon - best apps like Instagram


Price: Free

Twitter and Periscope are two apps that can be like Instagram. They feature live video, a feed of ever-updating stuff, and you can post photos there. Twitter is one of only a few social networks left that still use hashtags. Of course, many Instagram users also have Twitter profiles anyway and post between the two. Really, we’re not treading new ground here. You know what Twitter and Periscope are and what they bring to the table.


Price: Free

Tumblr is probably the best place to go if you don’t like Instagram. It lets you do image, video, or text posts. Those posts can be searched via hashtag. It’s heavy on sharing. It can’t do the Stories feature or live content. However, it does the rest of it good enough. You can even make your own GIFs there. It also has that old MySpace feel of being able to customize virtually everything about your profile page. You can add as many photos and videos as you want, but it doesn’t have the Stories feature or anything like that.

Tumblr - best apps like instagram

If we missed any great apps like Instagram, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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