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The best Apple Watch series 8 screen protectors

Keep your device in top shape for longer with an extra layer.
August 25, 2023
ArmorSuit 6-Pack Screen Protectors for Apple Watch
MSRP: $10.95
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Durable TPU
Scratch- and smudge-resistant
Lifetime replacement warranty
Needs replacing after a few months
Edges collect debris if applied incorrectly
Luvvit Liquid Glass for Apple Watches
MSRP: $29.99
Check price
Unique, liquid screen protector
Increases screen strength
Fills in existing cracks
Relatively pricey
Application process can be intimidating
May increase reflectiveness

Even with the utmost care, keeping your smartwatch in mint condition is no small feat. Scratches and cracks across your display are the easiest way to diminish readability and prematurely age your device. To counter accidental damage, shop our picks for the best Apple Watch Series 8 screen protectors you can grab today. For even more protection consider pairing a new screen protector with an Apple Watch Series 8 case.

The best Apple Watch Series 8 screen protectors

A solid screen protector is strong, scratch-resistant, affordable, and won’t downgrade the clarity of your display. Most even come in multi-packs so you can swap out if one takes a beating.

ArmorSuit: The best basic Apple Watch Series 8 screen protector

ArmorSuit is our pick for the best Apple Watch Series 8 screen protector.

ArmorSuit screen protectors feature a flexible film designed to protect your Apple Watch Series 8 from everyday wear. Made from thermoplastic urethane, they’re thin and light but also built tough. The protectors provide resistance to scratches as well as reduce the appearance of gnarly fingerprint smudges. Out of the box, they come with all the tools you need for easy installation plus a manufacturer’s lifetime replacement warranty. You can grab a 6-pack of ArmorSuit screen protectors for just $11.

ArmorSuit 6-Pack Screen Protectors for Apple WatchArmorSuit 6-Pack Screen Protectors for Apple Watch
ArmorSuit 6-Pack Screen Protectors for Apple Watch
MSRP: $10.95

UniqueMe: The best pick for privacy

For added privacy, UniqueMe screen protectors offer visibility deterrents.

UniqueMe screen protectors offer a bubble-free layer of extra durability with a matte finish. Each protector is made from military-grade polyurethane that will absorb shocks and scratches without disrupting visibility or touch sensitivity. In fact, the protectors even minimize glare in bright sunlight. For a little more security when using your device, UniqueMe’s Privacy TPU Screen Protectors offer something extra t. The ultra-thin add-on makes it so you can only see information displayed on the device if you are looking directly at the screen. That means wandering eyes won’t be able to read your stats from an angle. These clever screen protectors ship in packs of 8 along with an installation guide for $18.

UniqueMe Privacy TPU 8-PackUniqueMe Privacy TPU 8-Pack
UniqueMe Privacy TPU 8-Pack
MSRP: $17.99

Kopration: The best tempered glass Apple Watch Series 8 screen protector

The best tempered glass screen protectors is this pack from Kopration.

Kopration screen protectors are designed with the Apple Watch Series 8 in mind. Rather than a flat sheet, the brand’s tempered glass screen protectors mimic the curved screen of the Apple Watch to provide edge-to-edge protection. Each pack also comes with a sophisticated application kit including cleaning kits and application trays, a UV light, and more. Though somewhat involved, the process ensures a screen protector that won’t budge. Plus, once in place, the glass protectors feature hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to help ward off fingerprints, dust, and oils so your device always looks its sharpest.

Kopration 3D Curved 3-PackKopration 3D Curved 3-Pack
Kopration 3D Curved 3-Pack
MSRP: $19.99

LK: Another budget-friendly Apple Watch Series 8 screen protector

LK Apple Watch Series 8 screen protectors offer a budget friendly choice.

To be fair, none of the screen protectors in this list are terribly expensive, especially considering many come in budget-friendly multipacks. However, this $10 6-pack from LK works out to less than $2 a piece without sacrificing key features. The thin, transparent protectors are made from thermoplastic polyurethane and come with useful tools for seamless application. Most importantly, they’ll beef up your screen’s durability without hindering its image quality or touch response.

LK 6-Pack Apple Watch Screen ProtectorLK 6-Pack Apple Watch Screen Protector
LK 6-Pack Apple Watch Screen Protector
MSRP: $10.99

Luvvitt Liquid Glass: The best liquid screen protector

Liquid Glass offers a unique form of screen protection for your device.

A bit of an unconventional pick, Liquid Glass takes a different approach to protecting your device. Rather than applying a solid protector or plastic film, Liquid Glass involves coating your watch in silica dioxide (SiO2). This completely transparent liquid bonds to the glass as it dries and improves your screen’s durability to 9H hardness enhancing scratch, moisture, and crack resistance. Though a bit pricey at $30, it’s the perfect pick for the curved display of the Apple Watch Series 8.

Luvvit Liquid Glass for Apple WatchesLuvvit Liquid Glass for Apple Watches
Luvvit Liquid Glass for Apple Watches
MSRP: $29.99


The Apple Watch Series 8 features impressive durability specs for careful wear, but accidents are bound to happen. A screen protector is an affordable way to maintain the integrity of your display for longer.

In our experience, the Apple Watch Series 8 screen does not scratch easily. Models with a sapphire crystal over the display are likely to resist scratches even longer.

Given its 5ATM water resistance rating, the Apple Watch Series 8 is safe to wear in the shower. Rinse your device thoroughly of soaps and shampoos after washing.

No. The screen size of the Ultra model does not match that of the Series 8, you will need to shop specifically for Apple Watch Ultra cases and screen protectors instead.