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Best Android apps for personal financial management

May 14, 2012

With the tough economic situation of today, we could use any help we can get in order to stay on top of our financial situation and to monitor our budgets effectively. Perhaps you could use some help in keeping track of your financial health. Android Authority has done a search for you and we now bring you the best apps for personal finance management:

Managing and monitoring your entire personal financial portfolio can be daunting. And if you’re a busy bee, it’s even more challenging to extract a quick yet comprehensive view of your cash flow right when you need it. All that is about to change with the app. for Android makes it really easy to track your spending, budget your cash, and manage your hard-earned money. It conveniently pools all of your personal finance accounts into one place so you can access the information you need from anywhere, even when you’re offline, as the app saves data from your latest download. Charts and graphs that are easy on the eyes give you an overview of your financial situation, while email or text alerts make sure you don’t miss your next payment due date or fall behind on your bills.

Don’t worry about anyone hacking into your personal finance accounts. for Android is password-protected and even if you lose your phone, you can log on to and disable device access within minutes.


If you’re getting lost in the confusing maze of your finances and it’s threatening to swallow you whole, the Easy Money app will help you make sense of everything and regain control. A data entry system that’s simple and intuitive makes the work easier for you, and income and expense categories that are fully customizable give you the flexibility you need, whether you prefer the big picture or going down to minute details.

Interactive reports and graphs bring the fun back in budgeting and make comparing expenses vs. income convenient. Monitor your accounts by setting limits and keep track of these using color-coded “financial health” bars.

Have multiple accounts in multiple currencies? Easy Money will gladly take on the task of tracking across these accounts. You can also take photos of bills and receipts for later archiving and tracking and QIF and CSV files can be exported to desktop expense trackers. Repeating and split transactions are supported, and other nifty features include a Checkbook Manager, a Home Screen Widget, SD card back-up, and a 4-digit security PIN.


Need to manage your dollars, dineros, or yen? Look no further than the Money Lover app. A simple way to track and monitor your finances, Money Lover supports 45 types of currencies and operates in various languages such as English, Vietnamese, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, among others. If you’re a travel bug, you’ll find this app to be of utmost utility.

Keep tabs of your cash flow by adding financial details—specify if cash coming in is from your salary, sales, or dividends and take note if cash going out of your wallet is for the bills, food, or gas. The Money Lover app also acts as a financial calendar, reminding you of payment deadlines, scheduled transactions, or recurring deposits.

As with other Android apps, widgets are also available for your use, but make sure not to save the app on your SD card, as this will disable the widgets.


An open source personal finance manager, Financisto is somewhat the darling of developers (and app users alike). In addition to being a fully functional tool for personal finance management, Financisto prides itself with lending a caring ear to its customers’ feedback and with being able to deliver on requests and fixes promptly.

What Financisto lacks in the colorful graphs and charts department it makes up for in the added features it offers to users at zero charge. One big feature that it boasts of is giving users the ability to back up all their information to the cloud on storage clients such as Dropbox and Google Docs.

Supporting multiple accounts and currencies, scheduled and recurring transactions, and QIF/CSV import and export, Financisto comes with a handy camera feature that allows you to take photos and attach these as supporting documents for transactions. Organizing is made easy with hierarchical categories with custom attributes. Now that’s an app you can tailor to suit your needs!


If you’re looking to manage some of your personal finances on your mobile device while on the go but you’re also doing some of that on your laptop or desktop, then the AndroMoney app is for you. Powerful and easy to use, AndroMoney supports back-up to MS Excel or Mac Number for synching across multiple devices and operating systems.

AndroMoney’s built-in number pad allows to you make rapid calculations with a tap of a button. Graphs and charts that illustrate cash flow help make you informed decisions. Coupled with a password protection feature, AndroMoney is a powerhouse that supports multiple accounts, account balance and transfer, and any currency with downloadable rates.

Manage your categories effectively with AndroMoney’s neat custom attributes. You can also choose from among simple, detailed, or custom budgets, and the app provides you with an expense and income summary. What’s not to love about AndroMoney?


A fully functional power budgeting tool, the MoneyWise app address your need to be in full control of your budget by offering you professional filtering options that make keeping an eye on your cash flow a breeze. Users can add as many details to their categories as they would like, and these can then be used to filter through different kinds of information to make sure you have the data you need at a given time. This saves you a lot of trouble from having to dig through huge piles of information and keeps the clutter away.

The professional graphs are another plus for the MoneyWise app, as it allows users to construct graphs by category and to prepare graphs for expenses over time, aiding in analysis and making informed financial decisions. Currencies can be switched when traveling and a cool feature marks transactions as cleared by the bank so that you won’t keep wondering about the status of your payments.


If you work around your budget within timelines, you’ll find a great buddy in the Expense Manager app. Organizing and tracking your income and expenses by week, month, and year as well as by other categories is sure to keep you on top of your budget and in good financial shape.

Expense Manager supports cloud (for Android v.2.2) and SD card backup, so you can rest knowing that your data is safe. The app also allows you to take pictures of receipts for when you can’t spare time to record transaction details. A reliable search feature is included, as well as payment alerts, import and export capabilities, and support for multiple accounts and scheduled payments.

In order to make the currency exchange rate work, though, you will need to be connected to the Internet. Other than that, Expense Manager is a simple and smart tool that can help you stay liquid and stable.


The CWMoney Expense Track app is perfect for those who would like to inject a little life into their drab budgeting activities. The UI Theme Select feature gives you the freedom to choose elements of the app interface, making expense tracking more enjoyable and personalized.

The app’s handy calculator can help you make quick computations and projections. The detailed categories can also be made to have custom attributes, making sorting and tracking easier. Transfers, filtering, pie chart reporting, data export to Excel XML and CSV, and data back-up to Dropbox, Gmail, or FTP are among the features that make the CWMoney Expense Track a reliable budgeting partner.

Having to switch through multiple accounts and multiple currencies won’t be a problem for users of the CWMoney Expense Track app. Users of devices with a camera will delight in the app’s ability to take pictures of receipts or documents for later reference.


With budgeting, the adage sometimes also holds true: the more, the merrier. There’s more fun and less stress if more people are involved in making the budget work. Plus, you can be more motivated to learn how to live within your means if done with a partner or group.

The developers behind the Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA) app know this and more. By designing an app based on the old school method of separating cash into envelopes for different purposes, the guys who built EEBA understand that a little fun in budgeting can go a long way.

With the EEBA app, virtual envelopes help keep you within budget. Users can easily check envelope balances and track expenses using this proven cash budgeting method. Register so you can synch your phone with 2 or more users for a shared budget.

Data back-up is done on EEBA’s site so you’ll never lose your data due to a faulty app update or error. Transactions can be downloaded to CSV and bank account statements can be imported in QFX formats. The add-free, free forever version offers 10 regular and 10 annual budgeting envelopes. Isn’t that a sweet deal?


Using spreadsheets to track your budget is so last century. And you can forget about falling in line to pay your bill. With Pageonce, you can automatically track, control, and pay your bills all within one reliable and safe app.

Staying on top of your bills used to be a chore, but now Pageonce helps you relax and get everything in order. Set up bill due date reminders so you’ll never overlook a bill payment again. Get account notifications and real-time alerts that protect your account and monitor your transactions. Throw in your investment portfolio, frequent flyer miles, and mobile phone minutes/text/data usage in the mix! Track them all using just one app.

Pageonce support transactions to all major banks, credit unions, and credit card companies in the country. No need to use multiple apps for different purposes. With the Pageonce app, view all your balances, transactions, payments, due dates, and other financial information at a quick glance.

That’s a whole bunch of apps to choose from, all suited for your individual financial management needs. Which app would you go for?