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The best AirTag dog collars you can buy: Keep your best friend safe

Know where your hound is at all times through the magic of technology.

Published onApril 6, 2023

best airtag dog collars
Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

The Apple AirTag is a great way to keep track of the things you love and treasure. While you’d typically fasten one to your luggage or fit one to your keys, the device is also great for monitoring pets. For dog owners, fitting an AirTag to their collar can provide peace of mind if they scamper away at the dog park or scale your wall in search of adventure. There are plenty of AirTag dog collars and AirTag accessories that can augment traditional collars, and these are the best you can get.

The best AirTag dog collars

Belkin Apple AirTag Secure Holder

belkin airtag holder
  • AirTag protected in silicone glove
  • Versatile keyring design
  • Easy to attach and remove from collar
  • Can augment existing collars
  • Available in four colors

Belkin’s AirTag solution isn’t necessarily a dog collar but it can augment your pet’s favorite accessory. The simple keyring design features a silicone grommet in which you can securely place an AirTag. We like the versatility of this solution and the idea that it’s not an explicit part of a dog collar. You can easily remove it from your dog when it’s not required and fasten it to another object easily. However, be mindful that some dogs may nibble on items that dangle within their reach. The Belkin Apple AirTag Secure Holder is available in four colors and doesn’t cost too much.

Spigen ComforTag

spigen comfortag dog collar
  • Secure TPU case
  • Fastens to collars with rubber cord
  • Does not dangle like a keyring
  • Can augment existing collars
  • Available in two colors

The Spigen ComforTag takes a slightly different approach. Thanks to its rubber band fastening design and TPU case, the ComforTag has a more secure, flush fit than a keyring. It also allows owners to use existing collars. The case is compatible with straps 1-1.5 inches wide, which makes it suitable for large and small dogs. Removing and refitting the device is more tedious than a keyring, while the rubber band fastening mechanism appears slightly clunky. However, it’s a good alternative if you want to augment an older collar discreetly.

Case-Mate AirTag Dog Collar Holder

case mate airtag dog collar
  • Silicone design with secure loop fit
  • Sits flush with the collar
  • Fits collars up to one inch wide
  • Can augment existing collars
  • Available in a pack of two

Case-Mate takes the ComforTag’s philosophy and further refines it. It features a silicone exterior with two holes through which an existing collar can be looped like a belt. The AirTag is held fast in a silicone diaphragm, making it easy to fit and remove when necessary. Importantly, we only recommend the Case-Mate AirTag Dog Collar Holder for smaller dogs or dogs that prefer narrower collars. You’ll be limited with the one-inch wide fit. However, we like that this pack includes two holders, making this an excellent affordable option.

Elevation Lab TagVault Pet

elevation lab tagvault pet airtag dog collar
Elevation Lab
  • Hard shell design
  • Fits almost all collars thanks to its screw-mounting system
  • More permanent AirTag collar solutiton
  • Can augment existing collar
  • Relatively affordable

Elevation Lab’s TagVault Pet is an intriguing alternative to the abovementioned solutions. While the other AirTag dog collars on this list use rubber bands, silicone loops, or a keyring to attach to existing collars, the TagVault Pet uses screws. This makes it a much more permanent solution for an older collar and means that the only limiting factor for fitment is the thickness of the collar. To this end, the mounting system does leave permanent holes in the collar, so fitting it is a far more involved process than the alternatives on this list. You may not want to risk piercing and damaging an expensive leather collar with this option, either.

Nomad Rugged Keychain

nomad rugged keychain airtag dog collar
  • Hard shell, secure design
  • Versatile keyring design
  • Can augment existing collar
  • Relatively affordable

For a much more discreet keychain solution, consider the Nomad Rugged Keychain. Although it’s not explicitly made for pets, it uses tough polycarbonate and TPU in its construction. Once the AirTag is fitted, a quarter turn is required to unlock it once again. This makes it much less likely for your pet to accidentally dislodge the tracker while playing. As a keychain, you can also choose when to fasten it to your pet’s collar and remove it when required. Again, that keychain design does come with its fair set of negatives, so be mindful of your dog’s preferences and tendencies before purchasing one for them.

KeePaws Leather AirTag Collar

keepaws airtag dog collar
  • Gorgeous leather design
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Button-fastened slot for AirTag
  • Includes entire collar

Finally, unlike the options above, this is a complete collar specifically designed with the AirTag in mind. The KeePaws Leather AirTag Collar is a beautiful piece of design with a thick cow leather cuff and an elastic fiber inner for your pet’s comfort. The collar features a dedicated snap button-fastened slot for the AirTag, making removal and fitting easy. You can also have the collar in four sizes and two colors, making it highly customizable. It’s not cheap, but it’s the only full-on collar on this list.


The AirTag has a range of around 30 feet — the range of a Bluetooth connection. You can use Apple’s Find My Network service to get an approximate location of the AirTag if it’s beyond this distance.

AirTags have an IP67 water resistance rating; however, it’s always a good idea to get an AirTag dog collar with an additional layer of protection if your dog likes to swim.

While Apple doesn’t endorse AirTag usage on pets, we think that its benefits outweigh the negatives. For one, activating the AirTag’s Lost Mode will help you find your lost pet easily.