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How to auto delete OTP messages on Android

Get rid of all those OTP codes with no effort.

Published onNovember 19, 2023

Do you often get 2FA messages on your phone? These can quickly clutter your inbox, not to mention it always feels a bit risky to leave them around. Luckily, the official Google Messages app has a solution for you. Let’s show you how to auto delete OTP messages on Android.


To auto delete OTP messages on Android, launch the Messages app and tap on your profile icon. Go to Messages settings > Message organization, and toggle on Auto-delete OTPs after 24 hrs.


Editor’s note: We formulated these instructions using a Google Pixel 7a running Android 14. Some settings and menus may slightly differ, depending on your device and its software version.

What is an OTP message?

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

OTP stands for “One Time Password.” These messages come with a code, usually in the form of multiple numbers. These are temporary, and should expire relatively quickly, usually in a few minutes. Additionally, they can only be used once, as the name entails.

It’s very commonly used as a form of two-factor authentication. For example, banking and other financial apps may use it as a security measure for specific tasks, like withdrawing funds or logging in from a new device.

How to auto delete OTP messages on Android

Because these OTP messages can only be used once, it makes no sense to keep them around. They will just clutter your SMS inbox. Thankfully, the official Messages app for Android can auto delete OTPs after 24 hrs. You just need to turn the feature on.

  1. Launch the Messages app.
  2. Tap on your profile icon, in the top-right corner.
  3. Select Messages settings.
  4. Go into Message organization.
  5. Toggle on Auto-delete OTPS after 24 hrs.


The OTP auto-deleting feature isn’t really common among text messaging apps. Some might have it, though. Take a look at our list of the best texting apps to see if there are any good alternatives.

OTP codes can only be used once, so chances are you won’t give spies and hackers the time to use one before you. Additionally, these codes are usually active temporarily. The time varies per service, but OTP messages are generally only usable for a few minutes.

Sometimes, apps and services have issues regarding sending OTP messages. If this is the case, we can only recommend you wait and try again, or try another form of two-factor authentication. You could also follow this guide on what to do when your messaging app isn’t working.

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