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Sarah Chaney is a freelance writer for hire who specializes in writing SEO content on a variety of topics. When she's not writing, you can find her baking something delicious, binging something on Netflix, or blogging about video games.

Sarah's Posts

What is Citra 3DS emulator and how do you use it on Android?

Citra3DS emulator brings a lot of improvements over unofficial ports. Here's what you need to know.
Sarah ChaneyApril 18, 2021

PlayStation Plus vs PlayStation Now: Which one is right for you?

PlayStation Plus vs PlayStation Now – Which of these subscription services should you buy?
Sarah ChaneyApril 18, 2021

How to close apps on Android – Give your memory a break!

Closing the apps on your phone makes it run faster and drain your battery slower. But how do you close your apps?
Sarah ChaneyApril 15, 2021

Learn how to track an Android phone

See why knowing how to track an Android phone can come in handy in more ways than one.
Sarah ChaneyApril 15, 2021

The best accessories for your Nintendo 3DS

Whether you just bought a Nintendo 3DS or you've had one for years, check out the best accessories you can buy for it.
Sarah ChaneyApril 13, 2021

How to check screen time on Android: Make sure you’re using your time wisely

How much time do you think you actually spend on your phone every day?
Sarah ChaneyApril 10, 2021

The best Mario Switch games you should buy right now

Everyone knows who Mario is. Here are the best games that feature Mario in them.
Sarah ChaneyApril 10, 2021

How to up your Instagram game and get more followers

These steps will help you get more organic followers on Instagram and consistently bring traffic to your profile.
Sarah ChaneyApril 10, 2021

How to use Google Translate with over 100 languages

Check out the following tips and tricks that will show you exactly how to get the most out of Google Translate.
Sarah ChaneyApril 10, 2021

PS5 vs PS5 Digital Edition – Which console is better for you?

If you're wondering what the highlights are in the debate of PS5 vs PS5 Digital Edition, we've got you covered. 
Sarah ChaneyApril 10, 2021
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