Palash Volvoikar

Tech and entertainment journalist since 2013. Always watching, playing, writing, or ranting. PC/Entertainment guy at Android Authority.

Palash's Posts

AMD vs Intel: Which one is better?

A detailed breakdown of the AMD vs Intel competition, how they are different, and which one is a better choice for CPUs now.
Palash VolvoikarApril 17, 2021

What’s the best FPS mouse? Here are 8 options worth considering.

A list of the best FPS mouse choices available in the market, for helping you aim better in first-person shooter games.
Palash VolvoikarApril 11, 2021

7 streaming TV series and movie releases to look out for in 2021

A list of the best streaming TV series and movies set to release in 2021, on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, and Disney Plus.
Palash VolvoikarApril 6, 2021

SSD vs HDD: Which is better?

An explainer about the differences between SSD and HDD storage, and which one is a better choice for your purposes.
Palash VolvoikarApril 5, 2021
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