Amazon Prime Video Sexy Movies

If you are looking to make things hot and heavy for a movie date night or just hoping to get your mojo working, Amazon Prime has a number of sexy movies to tickle your fancy. This steamy selection of movies features some of the biggest Hollywood celebrities and titles that have gone down in history as some of the sexiest ever. So if you’re done Netflixing and chilling, it’s time to set the mood with these sexiest movies on Amazon Prime right now.

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Sexiest movies on Amazon Prime:

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime regularly as new ones are released.


Spread is surely one of the sexiest movies on this list. The film stars Ashton Kutcher as a drop-dead-gorgeous gigolo who survives on the pity of women he sleeps with. Living in Los Angeles, Kutcher’s character mooches off of single, rich women in return for sex, sex, and more sex. Then one fine day, he meets the love of his life. Little does he know that he’s dealing with a female version of himself.



This 1991 erotic thriller comes from the days where Blockbuster Video stores were full of direct-to-VHS films with hard-R ratings. In this case, we have a woman who is married to Judge Reinhold, but gets bored with his life. She decides to have an affair with a friend of his, played by none other than Nicolas Cage. Of course, things get hot and steamy quickly, and soon the three people get involved in more than just an affair.

Woman of Desire

This erotic thriller from 1994 stars none other than Bo Derek, one of the most celebrated women in these kinds of films. In this flick, she’s married to Robert Mitchum but starts having steaming affairs with two other men. When Mitchum’s character is murdered, the police try to figure out if either of the two men Derek was having an affair with was responsible. As usual with these kinds of movies, not everything is as it seems.

Love Games

This 2016 movie comes from India (with English subtitles). A bored young couple decides to play some games to boost up their sex life. They approach happy couples at the party and try to seduce one of them. Things take a turn when the male partner starts to actually fall in love with his new conquest, but his female companion doesn’t care for it.

The Neon Demon

This is an Amazon production that tells the story of an aspiring model named Jesse who moves to Los Angeles with dreams of making it big. She rises to fame quickly and many become jealous of her beauty and charm. Women around her are also curious about her sexual disposition and use it to their advantage. Things turn sinister when Jesse starts showing signs of narcissism and raging envy takes over all her model friends. It’s a must-see on our sexiest movies on Amazon Prime Video list.

The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden is an erotic psychological thriller from the director of Oldboy (the original Korean movie, not the English remake). It tells a sensual tale of two women. One is a Japanese lady living at a secluded estate and the other a handmaiden plotting to defraud her in cahoots with a conman. It’s a Korean language movie but Amazon gives you an option for English audio as well as subtitles.

Two Night Stand

Two Night Stand Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

Two‌ Night Stand stars Analeigh Tipton and Miles Teller as two people who meet for a casual date but wind up getting trapped in a small apartment together because of a blizzard. There are plenty of steamy scenes in this one and the couple’s strong chemistry keeps things interesting throughout. It’s a must on our sexiest movies on Amazon Prime Video list.

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

In this sexy comedy starring Glee’s Jane Lynch, Kathryn Hahn, and Juno Temple, a bored Los Angeles mom puts her idyllic life in jeopardy when she attempts to rescue a stripper by taking her in as a live-in nanny. Little does she know that the woman is a full-blown sex worker. From the creator of Transparent, Joey Soloway, this title has all the making of a scintillating watch, complete with lapdances, orgasms, and a whole lot more. 

Honorable mentions

Here are a few more movies that didn’t quite make our main sexiest movies on Amazon Prime Video list:

  • Alien Intruder – A spaceship and its crew is invaded by an alien who goes into their VR games and seduces them.
  • Terminal Exposure – This 1980s comedy also has lots of sexy scenes as it tells a story of two photographers who inadvertently take a picture of a murder.
  • Swimsuit – A movie about the women and men who take part in a swimsuit competition.
  • Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death – Yep, this R-rated comedy is as silly as it sounds, but it’s also fun to watch.
  • The Naked Truth – A sex comedy about two men, running from the mob, who hide out by impersonating women at a beauty pageant.

So those were the best sexiest movies on Amazon Prime that we could find. We’ll update this post with new titles once they make it to the streaming service.