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New Apple ad takes not-too-subtle jab at Google Play Store

A new Apple ad on YouTube is a clear dig at the Google Play Store. But it's pretty much the pot calling the kettle black.

Published onApril 25, 2018

apple app store ad
  • A new Apple ad takes a dig at the safety issues the Google Play Store has had recently.
  • However, the Apple App Store has also had safety issues, some of which are more extreme than the Play Store’s.
  • It’s nice to see that the old Android vs. iOS wars are still going strong at Apple.

While the Android vs. iOS wars are not nearly as prevalent as they used to be, both sides still dig at each other from time to time. For example, a new 15-second Apple ad takes aim at the Google Play Store’s recent app safety issues.

You can watch the ad below, but there’s nothing too remarkable about it. A woman grabs a box from a shelf which then promptly blows up in her face. She walks over to another shelf and grabs a box, and no explosion occurs. Meanwhile, another blast on the first shelf causes the whole thing to come tumbling down.

While the label on the second shelf says Apple App Store, the first shelf merely says Your Store. Apple is likely trying to stay classy by not calling out the Google Play Store by name, but it’s pretty clear that the first shelf in the ad is supposed to signify the Android app experience.

Apple is likely trying to say that the Apple App Store is safer than the Google Play Store due to the rash of app issues that have plagued Google recently. Crypto mining scams and apps that secretly charge you every week are just two examples of the problems the Play Store has had in the past few months.

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However, Apple hasn’t exactly been the bastion of safety either. In fact, the recent crypto mining scam that befell Google recently also hit the App Store. Guess which store had more downloads of the rogue app before it was removed? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not the store that’s the biggest in the world.

Only two months ago, Apple sent out a warning to its customers to watch out for App Store phishing emails. So I don’t really know why Apple thinks it gets to be all high-and-mighty about how much safer the App Store is over the Google Play Store.

Another notable thing about this Apple ad is that comments for the video are disabled. I guess Apple doesn’t want YouTube users to put the information I mention here in the comments, otherwise people might have to acknowledge that both stores have issues that need to be addressed.

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