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Hello Android fans, this week we finally had confirmation that the Galaxy S7 and the LG G5 are both launching on February 21 in Barcelona; we’ve heard about Google’s plans to take more control over the Nexus program; the first credible image of the HTC M10 leaked out; Google became the most valuable company in the world; Microsoft bought SwiftKey for a rumored $500 million; and Marshmallow graced several flagship phones and one device that was launched in 2011!

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Our smartphones are hardly phones anymore, with their large screens made for browsing the web and specs that rival laptops. It would probably be more accurate to call them “smartcameras.” Millions of users use their devices primarily to take pics and share them on their social network of choice. Thing is, despite the amazing advancements of mobile cameras, the average shot is still pretty… average. If you’re looking for ways to up your mobile photography game, don’t miss Edgar’s excellent piece with tips and tricks for getting better pics out of your phone right away. And stay tuned for more in-depth posts on mobile photography in the future.

Both Samsung and LG have confirmed that their respective flagships will be unveiled in Barcelona in exactly two weeks. Exciting times, as LG vies to turnaround its top phone series and Samsung is in the tricky position of having to top the superb Galaxy S6. And that’s just the cherry on the cake: MWC 2016 is shaping up to be more interesting than ever, and Android Authority will be there to cover it all. Flights are booked, accommodation has been arranged, now it’s time to wait. In the meantime, look out for our MWC preview, coming soon.

Back to the popular Nexus 6P for our popular Sunday Giveaway. Try your luck here!

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nexus 6p review aa (2 of 12)
galaxy s7 unpacked 2016
LG G5 announcement
sony marshmallow android 6.0 logo
Google NY HQ outside
Swiftkey keyboard

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