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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week - Android Apps Weekly

Apple and Google are at it again.

Published onSeptember 10, 2022

AAW Iron Marines

Welcome to the 449th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from the last week:

  • Netflix is reportedly launching its ad-supported subscription tier on November 1st. Reports say that Netflix wants to compete with Disney Plus. Disney Plus is, coincidentally, launching its ad-supported tier on December 8th. We believe Netflix intends to charge between $7 to $9 for the tier. Hit the link to learn more.
  • We polled our readers this last week and asked them if they like mobile payments. As it turns out, most of you do. More than 60% of our readers have used a mobile payment platform in the last week, with 70% doing so within the last month. Only 20% of our readership have never used a mobile payment platform before.
  • Google upgraded Nearby Share recently. The new feature makes it easier to share with yourself. The context there is when you share stuff from one Android device to another, but you own both devices. It’ll remove the need to approve transfers manually. However, it only works on devices you own. It should roll out over the coming weeks.
  • Google is reportedly testing sleep monitoring features for Android. The new feature would detect things like snoring and coughs while the user is asleep. That way, people can see if they’re getting good sleep or if something is wrong. The popular guess is that it’ll be added to the Digital Wellbeing suite. Hit the link to learn more.
  • Tim Cook threw some fire on the RCS versus iMessage fire this week. The Apple CEO said users aren’t keen on getting RCS messaging support on iPhones. He also told a reporter to get their mom an iPhone to fix the green bubble problem. Google’s SVP, Hiroshi Lockheimer, fired back in a tweet later. It’s clear this beef is still alive and well.

The Legend of Neverland

Price: Free to play

The Legend of Neverland is a new MMORPG with a Japanese anime theme. It’s a fairly traditional mobile MMOPRG. There’s a big world that you explore, tons of quests to do, dungeons to dive through, and bosses to defeat. It has one of the better character creators in the genre. Along with all of the quests and stuff, there is also an AFK element that helps you get weapon materials. You can even turn off auto-combat if you want to. It’s certainly not perfect, but it ticks many of the boxes.

MJ PDF Reader

Price: Free

MJ PDF Reader screenshot 2022

MJ PDF Reader is, well, a PDF reader. The app prioritizes ease of use and speed. It uses a minimal interface and it’s pretty easy to use overall. There are some decent features, like it can open PDF links from your web browser and it’ll remember where you left off in case you want to use this to read books. It’s open source, free to use, and a nice addition to a space getting more and more cluttered by subscription options.

Infinite Magicraid

Price: Free to play

Infinite Magicraid is a gacha RPG. In terms of gameplay and premise, it’s very similar to most. You summon heroes, level them up, and use them to complete story missions and boss fights. Story missions have multiple waves like you typically see and you conquer them with heroes that have different specialties. It seems to throw a lot of stuff at you in the early game, so getting through the first few chapters is a cakewalk. However, we expect the free-to-play grind to ramp up as the story progresses.

FM Radio by OneStop Radio

Price: Free

FM Radio is exactly what you think it is. It’s an app that streams the radio over a data connection. You listen to the live broadcast as it plays so you can kind of enjoy the old school a little bit. The app boasts 65,000 radio stations across AM and FM radio. In addition, the quality is pretty good, and the stream is stable as long as your Internet connection is. Obviously, there is no offline mode because it’s a live stream. Aside from that, you may need to play with it a bit at first, but it otherwise works quite well, and it’s a nice break from streaming music.

Iron Marines Invasion

Price: $4.99 with in-app purchases

Iron Marines Invasions is the latest game from Ironhide Studios, developers of some excellent tower defense games. This one, however, is an RTS game. It tells a story of a war in progress that you help fight. Players collect heroes to help them in the fight as they progress through each stage. The controls are pretty simple so you should be able to get in and play without much issue. It includes 25 campaign missions, 70 side missions, eight heroes, 40 upgrades, and more than 20 achievements. It’s a premium game and we think the price tag is fair. There are optional in-app purchases to reduce grind times if you so choose, but it’s not necessary to complete the game.

If we missed any big Android apps or games news or releases, tell us about them in the comments.
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