Samsung, LG, and other Android OEMs are often the first companies to release new features into Android. Later on, there’s a pretty good chance Google will add these features into vanilla Android if they prove to be useful or popular enough.

One feature everyone has been clamoring for over the years has been scrolling screenshots. On Samsung, Huawei, and other OEM phones, you can take a screenshot and continue to scroll down in order to capture the entire page. It’s pretty awesome.

In Android 11, it looks like Google is finally prepping to enable scrolling screenshots.

android 11 scrolling screenshotsXDA Developers

Even if you have the first Android 11 developer preview installed, you probably won’t be able to test this new feature out for yourself. Our friends at XDA Developers were able to get the feature up and running after manually enabling it. In fact, the feature doesn’t even work yet — tapping the “Extend” prompt after taking a screenshot resulted in a pop-up that read “Not implemented!”

We’ll likely see this feature surface in a later developer preview or beta build.

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