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1. Why these IKEA x Sonos speaker lamps actually look good

I didn’t know I’d want a speaker lamp, or a lamp speaker, but I think I want one. Even though they are a little bit odd.

  • That’s my first takeaway from IKEA and Sonos finally unveiling their collaboration on the SYMFONISK, featuring a $99 bookshelf speaker with WiFi, and a trendy lamp that hides a booming Sonos speaker inside for $179.
  • It’s the cheapest way to get a Sonos speaker, and probably a gateway into higher-end audio.

Sonos Ikea Symfonisk

  • Both come in black or white, with the bookshelf speaker the smallest Sonos has ever made, according to The Verge.
  • The lamp is supposed to offer similar sound as the Sonos One speaker, which starts at $199 although is more like $179 (eg. on Amazon right now).
  • Interestingly, the range of speakers are connected, but they are not smart devices: neither have a microphone, which might be their best selling point.

Sonos Ikea Symfonisk

  • Both speakers are compatible with the rest of Sonos’ range, which prompts ideas of a full 5.1 home sound system, with lamps.
  • IKEA is set to integrate controls for the speakers into the Sonos app.
  • As well, both speakers support Apple’s AirPlay 2 for playing music from apps or with voice commands via Siri.
  • It’s IKEA’s first step into the smart home space – beyond clever wireless charging placements in tables.
  • Sonos makes the speakers and ships it to IKEA to assemble and sell. No assembly required for us, then?
  • IKEA is encouraging people to “hack” the devices – add a smart bulb, change the shade, or try and rig the dial up to go further than just on/off as it does currently.
  • The new speakers will ship August, 2019.

2. Titanium Red Hydrogen One is now shipping if you want a disappointing, pricey phone (Android Authority).

3. iPhone chipmaker announces 5nm chip design, 5nm chips for Android could follow (AA).

4. Apple’s rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro might be delayed until next year at the earliest (The Verge).

5. Deep dive into the iOS App Store charts. If your start-up is building a new consumer app, it’s now 28 times harder crack the top echelon of the App Charts now than it was 5 years ago (Medium).

6. No one, not even the Secret Service, should randomly plug in a strange USB stick (TechCrunch).

7. Speaking of, Microsoft confirms you really, really don’t need to ‘safely remove’ USB sticks anymore (The Verge).

8. Russia uses active GPS jamming/spoofing to protect Russian President Vladimir Putin when traveling, but spoofed GPS lets you know he’s around, too, even when he denies it (ForeignPolicy).

9. Blades is a decent mobile RPG, but a bad Elder Scrolls game (AA).

10. Businessweek explores the food delivery wars in China in stunning detail: The world’s greatest delivery empire.

11. Unsettling video shows what happens to a dead alligator at the bottom of the Gulf (Gizmodo).

12. Volkswagen Originalteil: The German automaker’s “part no. 199 398 500 A” is …a pack of sausages? (Atlas Obscura).

13. An incident on Reddit occurred yesterday on r/unpopularopinions where a user opined that cereal with water is better than cereal with milk. That prompted this thread: “Besides eating cereal with water what is the most outrageous “eating sin” you’ve witnessed?” (r/askreddit).

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