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1. Apple says goodbye to Jony Ive

Arguably the most important person at Apple since Steve Jobs is leaving the company.

  • Jony Ive, Apple’s Chief Design Officer, is leaving.
  • Sir Ive has been at the company since 1992.
  • Ive has been at the center of design for all of Apple’s major successes in that time, including the iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, and parts of Apple’s user interface, iOS, along with Apple Park in Cupertino.
  • Since Jobs’ death in 2011, Ive, not CEO Tim Cook, has been the lynchpin person that decided which products Apple would launch, how they would function, and what they would look like.
  • After 27 or so years, Ive is leaving the company to found a new creative venture called LoveFrom, along with influential Australian designer Marc Newson, who joined Apple in 2014.
  • Apple will be LoveFrom’s first client, so it’s not as if Ive will no longer be part of future devices and designs from Apple.
  • Ive told the FT he will ($) “continue to work on wearable technology and health care, two of Apple’s strategic priorities.”
  • Apple didn’t keep a lid on the news, formally announcing Ive’s departure, confirming it will work with LoveFrom, and providing detail on its new design team structure.
  • Here are Jony Ive’s 15 most iconic Apple products and designs (CNET), and here is, unequivocally, the worst Apple product from Jony Ive(Twitter).

Yes, but:

  • So, Jony Ive keeps working with Apple, right? That’s what you get from a glance at Apple headlines.
  • The truth is somewhat different.
  • Reports have been that Jony Ive had more or less left Apple four years ago.
  • As reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Ive has “essentially been gone for four years”, appearing at Apple HQ “about twice a week”.
  • Ive in early 2015 said he’s “deeply, deeply tired”.
  • Since the Apple Watch launched, an Apple designer told Gurman that Ive has been far less hands-on, with the move being “a long time in the making.”
  • John Gruber at Daring Fireball was a little more, well, daring. (Although Gruber angrily rejecting the title of ‘Sir’ is pretty weird.)
  • Anyway, Gruber posits that this is nothing but a show, and Ive is gone: “This angle that he’s still going to work with Apple as an independent design firm seems like pure spin. You’re either at Apple or you’re not. Ive is out.”
  • But is that such a bad thing? Recent Apple products haven’t had that cutting edge that set them apart. The MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard has become a disaster. The Apple AirPower mat was announced, and canceled 18 months later.
  • Gruber asserts that Apple’s restructuring of the position looks uniquely worrying: “I don’t worry that Apple is in trouble because Jony Ive is leaving; I worry that Apple is in trouble because he’s not being replaced.”

More takes:

2. Huawei P30 Pro teardown reveals how many parts are from the U.S. (Android Authority).

3. We are one step closer to wireless charging from a distance – no cables, no charging pad needed (AA).

4. Don’t hold your breath for cheap games on Google Stadia: “I don’t know why it would be cheaper,” said Stadia boss (AA).

5. Reinventing Firefox for Android (blog.mozilla.org)

6. Twitter will now hide — but not remove — harmful tweets from public figures (The Verge).

7. Jetson, a new device developed for the Pentagon, can identify people up to 600ft/200 meters away by laser-analyzing their unique cardiac signature (MIT Technology Review).

8. Swapping spark plugs for nanopulses could boost engine efficiency by 20% (Ars Technica).

9. Approximately 100 Colorado drivers drove into mud because Google Maps told them to (Jalopnik).

10.Domino’s CEO on the changes coming to your pizza: robots might deliver your pizza and take your order, but robots won’t replace human pizza makers just yet (WSJ).

11.NASA is officially sending an aerial drone to Titan, the huge moon of Saturn, and it’s a dream come true (Gizmodo).

12. US generates more electricity from renewables than coal for thefirst time ever (The Guardian).

13. What are some old video games that are still worth playing today?(r/askreddit).

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