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1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 kinda makes tablets interesting?

Samsung Tab S6 specs tablet in hand back

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

Apple iPad competitors haven’t been many, or good.

While there are loads of very cheap and very average Android tablets that you can watch Netflix on and check the weather, new premium competitors like the Pixel Slate came and went, while the iPad continues.

Samsung hasn’t given up though, as it has just announced a new premium tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. And the Tab S6 looks good, even if it’s a touch expensive. Let’s take a look.

Specs, pricing, availability:

  • Short version: The Tab S6 is all the things a new tablet should be: thinner, lighter, and faster, with nice Samsung touches.
  • Longer version: The Tab S6 sports the new Snapdragon 855 processor, and it offers a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display.
  • 6 or 8GB of RAM, 128 or 256GB of expandable storage, and a 7,040mAh battery.
  • Quad speakers, plus S pen in the box with a magnetic groove on the back to hold the pen.
  • No headphone jack, though.
  • Samsung Dex turns the device into more of a desktop PC experience.
  • There’s also an additional keyboard cover.
  • Pricing isn’t cheap: it starts at $650, and that’s without the keyboard cover. If you want that, which turns the device into a true productivity workhouse, it’ll cost you an extra $180, bringing the grand total to $830, before more RAM and storage.
  • Pre-orders start on Friday, August 23, while full retail availability begins Friday, September 6 – link to more from Samsung here.
  • An LTE version will be available later in the year, for some reason.

Initial reviews:

  • Samsung released this with little fanfare and not a lot of places have managed to get hands-on time – so judgment thus far has been limited to “this makes the tablet game interesting again” because it’s a premium device.
  • We don’t know about performance, the utility, and inevitably, how well it compares to the 9000-pound gorilla, the iPad – Air, or Pro.
  • The iPad Air starts at $499, the Pro at $799, although most people will consider adding on a Pencil ($129) and/or keyboard ($179). On straight price, Galaxy Tab S6 is cheaper.
  • Full reviews should be out within a week or two.

2. Google is testing a new Play Pass subscription service for both games and premium apps on Android, 10-day free trial (Android Authority).

3. Also, Google’s summertime deals are here with Google Play Store deals on apps, games, movies, and more (Android Authority).

4. Asus sold so many ROG Phone 2s so fast it had to apologize (Android Authority).

5. 7 times Google was behind the curve with its Pixel phones (Android Authority).

6. One month with a Bird rental scooter: Far worse than a bike (The Verge). Also, Lyft has taken its bikes in SF offline after two fires (San Francisco Examiner).

7. Instabeach: an exclusive, invite-only annual party hosted by Instagram for 500 “top creators”, along with plus-ones (The Atlantic). For the first time, the press was invited to the place where everyone is an influencer.

8. Spotify’s big bet on podcasts is starting to pay off (The Verge). That’s because you’re all listening to the DGiT Daily podcast on Spotify, I guess? Here’s a link!

9. Microsoft found a guy called Mackenzie Book, aka “Mac Book,” from Australia. He’s in the new Mac vs. PC ads, and believe it or not, he prefers the Microsoft Surface Laptop (YouTube).

10. LightSail 2 spacecraft successfully demonstrates “flight by light” (

11. “Oh my god stop it with the fake moon names what the hell is a Black Moon’ that isn’t anything” (Gizmodo). It started with the blue moon, then the super moon, and then it became super blood wolf moon, and now it’s completely out of control.

12. Which TV show has the best Pilot episode? (r/askreddit)

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