Xiaomi reveals Redmi 2: 64-bit, LTE, colorful designs for $110

by: Matthew BensonJanuary 4, 2015

Redmi 2

A resurgence in colorful creativity is taking over the tech world. Just a short while ago we were bemused with the inspired Meizu M1 Note, and now Xiaomi has a new phone to be released in China, the Redmi 2, that comes in an assortment of pastel-tinted plastic parts. It is the follow-up to last year’s Redmi 1S.

The Xiaomi Redmi 2 has decent specs with a quad-core Snapdragon 410 (64-bit) 1.2GHz CPU, a 4.7 inch IPS display (1280X720), Dual-SIM LTE (TDD/FDD) support, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of on-board storage (expandable up to 32GB), Adreno 306GPU, a 2200 mAh battery (made by Samsung of all companies), and 8 megapixel rear and 2 megapixel front cameras. The LTE device is just 9.4 mm thin and weighs 133 grams. The product is listed as having MIUI 6 and 5 colors for the back cover, although it is not clear if the back cover itself is removable. The product will retail for a stunning 699RMB, which Xiaomi has converted to approximately $112, making this one of the best value-for-money mid range phones to be had.

Redmi 2-5

While the phone is currently only slated to hit China on January 9, those interested will inevitably be able to find an importer selling it sooner or later. Users in India, Philippines, and other markets where Xiaomi is currently active will need to wait a bit longer for a release date.

It’s worth mentioning that this is not the “flagship device” that Xiaomi promised for this month. Rumors point to the Xiaomi Mi 5, but there’s nothing solid to report for now.

  • Aaditya Brahmbhatt

    Hope it starts selling soon in India, so my father can buy it. Otherwise he will buy some useless phone.

    • Aayush Thakore

      would you seriously consider buying it?

      • Aaditya Brahmbhatt

        If budget is toooooo low. Well I haven’t read about specs yet, but my father just needs calls, whatsapp and few featured phone. So may be android one or other budget phones.
        (He is not even wanting to get more than 3-4K phone :p )

        • Sir TittyTwist

          android one should do fine for him, waiting for xiaomi redmi 2 may take months with international shipping and being sold out because it’s hugely popular in asia

        • Aayush Thakore

          I would advice you go for YUreka. Its a beast at its price of Rs.8999. It has CyanogenMod OS which will get regular updates for atleast 1-2 years.

          • Aaditya Brahmbhatt

            I am writing this from oneplus one and I know how much Cyanogen keeps its words…

      • Airyl

        Why not? It’s pretty cheap, the specs are decent and it’s colourful. Would be great for teens with low budgets, or people looking for second phones.

        • Aayush Thakore

          Well, you may. But Indians will definitely go for the Micromax YUreka with similar specs and with Cyanogenmod OS + Regular promised updates just for Rs.8999 (approx $142). Check it out

          • Airyl

            The Micromax Yureka is definitely fantastic phone. It’s fairly large, but aside from that, I agree with you. Good choice!

  • Jack Parker

    Why cant they make cheap phones stylish and good looking?

    • The BIG POTATO

      It depends upon profit margin

    • Airyl

      It’s pretty good looking to me. The Asus Zenfone line is sleek too.

  • Calvin Dee

    8GB ._.

    • Aaditya Brahmbhatt


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  • Screen Size??

    • Aaditya Brahmbhatt

      4.7″. There is written. 720p phone.

      • sorry dude……… I am lazy!!

  • kiran goud

    redmi 1s is just $94 and 2s is $110 ??

    • The BIG POTATO

      This is known as sales strategy , same is done by Google In different countries.

    • Aaditya Brahmbhatt

      Its just $16! Wait for few days after launch. Anyone can save at least this much man. Also companies needs to pay their employees. They are not there for charity dude.

      • kiran goud

        previous roumers says 4999 INR only… and i think price will decrease in India

        • Aaditya Brahmbhatt

          4999 :O that’s why they are called rumours. But if they do that it would be great. Also don’t know when phone is coming.


    For a budget phone , spec. are good. What i am interested in is Optimization of new processors as well as software , a 720p display will help to improve the battery life .BOOM.

  • Payal Kapoor

    Read More About Xiaomi Redmi 2………….


  • Furkan Sanane

    removable battery ? and 2gb of ram would be perfect !